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steps to christ

Steps to Christ written by American Christian White Ellen Gould Harmon who claimed to have a gift of prophecy is a book which is considered to be a classic Christian literature. It was first published in 1892 and since then has been translated into almost 150 languages and published in more then 100 million copies. This book is the most popular and by White Ellen Gould Harmon. It consists of 13 chapters which tell its readers more about the life of Jesus Christ and His teaching. It focuses on such problems like finding peace and love amongst the strong waves of life. Steps to Christ will definitely be interesting to people who are trying to understand the concepts of faith, acceptance and doubt.

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The Heart of the New Thought

The main ideas of Ella Wheeler Wilcox's book are rather simple. But one shouldn't underestimate the meaning of her style. This is a "thought" about a young man, who is learning secrets of a wonderful mythical science - alchemy, which helps to transform stones into gold. It is a metaphor - the author wants to say that if we look in our own soul, we will discover just an enormous fount of strong spirit, will and power - one just should be able to see and develop it. If you are lucky enough to cope with them - you will take the treasure any alchemist ever had.
Ms. Wilcox explains why we need to work over our mind, our thoughts and how we are able to get the desirable thing. She shows how after a serious work on it one would be able to rather effectively and simply hurt, heal, conceal, using the facets of the human mind. The simplicity with which she narrates shouldn't confuse you, as every word she uses with definite purpose and deliberately.
The book can be considered as a perfect companion. It is simple, fair and wise. It is like a close friend who is able to touch your heart and it teaches us to be ourselves instead of pretending someone else. Withal the book can be regarded as a sincere conversation with a man who can give an advice, who has a wisdom to share with. That's why it is not amazing that one would turn to this masterpiece again and again and may be held it near to have an opportunity to reread it once more.
Ms. Wilcox experiences us, in the same time she shows the edges of our individuality, bringing it to the surface; simultaneously mocking at our light-mindedness and opening our potential Power and strength of Spirit. So, she gets an incredible effect playing on contrasts.
Ernest Holmes used her studies while working on his Science of Mind Philosophy. May be well-known motto comes it - change your thinking, change your life!
Anyway it is that sort of things one should think over!

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Mike and Psmith

"Mike And Psmith" is one of the comedies written by Wodehouse. This is an amazing novel that has freshness and innocence about it that is extremely touching. Nowadays, at the times of unchecked murders and unclear elections, "Mike and Psmith" is as sunny and cheerful a book as you would like to read. Wodehouse skillfully described the characters, particularly Psmith's character is notable, and his mannerism and ingenuity make one laugh. Although, this is not the funniest novel written by Wodehouse, it is still hilarious. Wodehouse's English is so nicely crafted ,that it makes the novel bright, amazing and charming.

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the return of the soldier

This is the best-known West’s novel. The story is told by a spinster whose whole life revolves around her cousin, his life and country mansion. This is the story of an English gentleman who goes off to World War I only to be returned not in a body bag or physically injured but with a severe case of amnesia. He does not recognize his pretty, smart wife; starts a youthful affair with a poor woman who is also married. The woman comes forth in the interest of helping him. The balance of the plot hangs in the consequences of recovery. The balance of the full experience of the novel is to watch characters changing or not changing their class prejudices and outlook in light of their experiences on this country estate. The novel is only 90 pages long, but it is as rich for exciting events as any other masterpiece of world’s literature. This story is wonderfully written and raises many themes, such as classism, elitism, true love and hate. Each character is fully developed and described. A book that should be read and discussed by everyone.

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For Love of the King

A little-known play (in the form of a pantomime) of an Irish writer and poet Oscar Wilde, best known by his only novel “The Picture of Dorian Gray” and social satire “The Importance of Being Earnest”. Wilde wrote it not for publication, but as gift to his childhood friend and a friend of the family, Mrs. Chan Toon. For a long time she did not give her consent for the book to be published. The play tells of a charming maiden, Mah Phru, who temporary alleviated King Meng Beng, awaiting of his bride from Ceylon, bearing him two sons.

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the acts of the apostles in the proclamation of the gospel of jesus christ

The acts of the apostles in the proclamation of the gospel of jesus christ is a collection of stories on religious topic revealing the power of the early church and its connection to the absolute power. White Ellen Gould Harmon sees her main task in opening readers' eyes on everything connected with the religion and the right way of life. When reading The Acts of the Apostles, an outstanding note on the book of Acts, you will definitely feel that special spirit of the church and open the church for yourself in a new way.

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christs object lessons

Christs object lessons by American Christian White Ellen Gould Harmon who claimed to have a gift of prophecy is book that tries to explain its readers the meaning of Christ's parables. The volume contains the lessons different people draw from life and these lessons will absolutely be useful for people who are searching for the right solutions in the life. Christs object lessons teaches us the main virtues and positive thinking.

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fairy and folk tales of the irish peasantry

In this charming collection that first was published in 1892, William Butler Yeats has collected all kinds of Irish folklore works taken from various sources. He divided the works into such categories: the ‘Trooping Fairies’ (fairies, changelings, and mermaids); the ‘Solitary Fairies’ (the lepracaun, the pooka - an animal spirit, and the banshee); ‘Ghosts’; ‘Witches & Fairy Doctors’; ‘T'yeer-na-n-Oge’ or ‘Tir-na-n-Og’ (a legendary island said to appear and disappear); ‘Saints & Priests’; ‘The Devil’; ‘Giants’; and ‘Kings / Queens / Princesses / Earls / Robbers’. The book contains many footnotes giving the meanings old Irish words and phrases. "Fairy And Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry" offers a complete insight into Irish folk culture, and it this journey is breathtaking. Many of the stories are quite dark, as that tends to be the nature of lore from this region, but there are also some lighthearted and cheerful pieces that will be enjoyable to read. Everyone who is interested in Irish culture and folklore will find this book very delightful and fascinating.

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Indiscretions of Archie

The novel of P. G. Wodehouse is actually a collection of short stories, connected by common line of narration. The main character, unfortunate Archie, finds himself in a situation of a growing up conflict with his short of temper and rigid father-in-law, millionaire Mr. Brewster. With all this going on, every Archie’s false step turns round to be a good fortune. So, with the help of his charming wife Lucille, he makes himself career out of series of disasters. Scenes and characters, alternating each other in a cheerful bustle, won’t let readers to be bored, but captivated by irresistible humorous style on writing.

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plunkitt of tammany hall a series of very plain talks on very practical politic

Plunkitt of Tammany Hall that was published in 1905 for the first time gives an insight to the political life with all its necessary elements. The book is recognized as exceptionally valuable for students as it introduces it to the conflicts, corruption, debates and controversy in the political life. The work also includes nine original documents with the help of which it is possible to imagine the complete pattern.

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