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The Creative Process in the Individual

Thomas Troward in his classic work The Creative Process in the Individual tries to explain the phenomena of reality speculating and using logical deduction and the law of cause and effect. He manages to convey his ideas and concepts to the reader very clearly and accessibly. The author states that there are two main factors: the individual consciousness and energy-matter. He gives explanations to such notions as Freedom, Joy, Light, Life, Love, Peace, Power, Truth, and Beauty. Thus Troward suggests that heaven is a state of consciousness, so that we don’t need to delay a heaven of joy, love and abundance…

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Albert Payson Terhune was an American writer, journalist and dog breeder. Best of all he is known for his novels about the adventures of his beloved collies and as a breeder of collies at his Sunnybank Kennels. Sunnybank was family’s summer home, but later Terhune made his permanent place of living. First Albert Payson Terhune published short stories about his collie named Lad in various general-interest magazines, such as Saturday Evening Post, Ladies' Home Journal, Hartford Courant and others.
‘Bruce’ is one of the most famous books of the writer. It’s a simple story telling of that almost forgotten times, when women were ladies, dogs were Dogs, and men were husbands first of all, but not office heroes trying to save the world. Bruce, an awesome collie, is the main character of the story. When the First World War began, Bruce was already a grown up dog. Bruce shows the questionable use of war dogs as couriers to deliver written messages back and forth to the different front lines and foxholes of the World War I. Soldiers shot at him, he gets injured, then he’s patched up sent out again. Bruce was lucky, really lucky. Because not all the dogs caught the fortune as he did. At last Bruce comes home to heroes welcome to live out his life at Sunnybank. Probably, the story may seem not that serious or even not that interesting, but it is worth reading. The book is read very easily, at one breath. The book is understandable for everyone. Kids and older young reader will be captivated by the plot, and adults will definitely appreciate the beauty of language. Although the book may seem childish, it won’t make parents fall asleep when reading ‘Bruce’ to their kids. Plenty of actions and characters keep the reader in stress.
Author reveals in his novels such old truths as loyalty, friendship, and love. That’s what little children need nowadays, in the modern world of cruelty and indifference. This book will definitely teach kids to appreciate their friends, to take care of someone they love, to forgive and to trust. Seems that book is glowing with positive emotions and kindness that Albert Payson Terhune put into it.
‘Bruce’ would be a great present for a kid, and for an adult. This book would be awesome additional material for reading lessons at school, because it impresses not only by perfect and easy language, but also by raising quite serious questions.
‘Bruce’ is the book for those who love dogs, for those who still believe in miracles, for those who still think that dreaming is not a waste of time. This book is for those, who still believe in friends and fidelity. ‘Bruce’ teaches readers to be if not fearless, but at least brave and courageous, no matter what is going on. It helps not lose faith in yourself and people you love. This book is a real book of life, if it is possible to say that.

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a biographical dictionary of musicians

Theodore Baker’s Biographical Dictionary of Musicians is a classic work of musical biography. It presents 2400 entries of hundreds of composers, conductors, singers, and instrumental virtuosos, as well as important scholars, critics, teachers, librettists, patrons, and impresarios from every country and every period of music. Brief but substantial, it can by right be considered an encyclopedia of a world of music, due to its extensive, well-detailed review of classical and modern music luminaries.

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George Washington

This is one of the best attempts to research the biography of the founder of the American nation and the first President of the United States. The author William Roscoe Thayer has research a number of Washington's personal letters and on their basis has created a portrait of this legendary person aiming at eliminating prejudices and misperceptions of his life and activity. The book is intended for everyone interested in the personality of George Washington as well as in the history of the United States.

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Domestic Manners of the Americans

Domestic Manners of the Americans is a travel book written by Frances Trollope in the year of 1832 who wishes to share the impressions from her journey all around America. The book became sensational both in Europe and America as in many ways the author saw Americans in a negative way considering that they lacked manners. She also saw the remains of slavery in the South and was completely disgusted. The habit of chewing tobacco was popular at that time as well and it was not understood by the author. On the other hand the book contains many interesting ideas and observations. It became classical for many generations of readers and is recognized as a necessary part of everyone's personal library.

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Everyone in a country house of a noble prosperous landowner, a beautiful woman of the world and fashion in her past, is waiting of a certain baron. An erudite person, an expert on philosophy, he is to present his scientific work to them. However, instead of the baron, Dmitry Nikolayevich Rudin comes… “Rudin” is the first novel of Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev (1818-1883), famous Russian novelist and playwright. When it was first published in 1856, it was considered to be merely a story. Turgenev was an expert in portraying the typical characters, but his works are also a picture of private life of the people of his country and time, their emotions and anxieties. The hero of this novel has long ago obtained the name of “superfluous man”. It is a typical meaningful phenomenon of Russian life, a well-educated man, weaved of contradiction; that is completely torn off the life of his native land, and suffers painfully from his own groundlessness. Much has changed in the course of time, bur every generation of readers continue to perceive the novel in a new way.

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On the Eve

This is a book created by one of the most outstanding Russian novelists Ivan Turgenev and published for the first time in 1860. The work raises the questions of love and the fate of lovers during the Crimean war and revolutionary changes. The principal character is Elena who is twenty-one years olf and is a serious and very beautiful young lady does not feel attracted to anyone among her friends until she meets a young Bulgarian patriot Insarov who has idealistic views on life and who then becomes her companion and causes sudden changes in her life. Besides, the problems of war and love affairs Turgenev also shows the conflict between Elena and her parents. Later on the author will study such relationship more closely in the novel Fathers and Sons.

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The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science

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a history of british reptiles

INTRODUCTION. THE Reptilia constitute a class of vertebrated animals of which thc structural characters are as follo v -They have cold bloot1,-that is to say, their power of producing anirnd hest is so limited as scarccly to be appreciable, and not suficient, therefore, to keep up any standard temperature of the body, nor to prevent it from following all the thermal varia tions of the atmosphere or water by whicli they are sur rounded. The integument is covered with hard and dry cuticle in various modifications of form, in some constituting broad plates, in others imbricated scales. The hcart is in all casrs trilocular,-that is to sagr, it is eomposcd of two auricles and n single ventrrcle thc respiration is exclusively pulmonary throughout life, and their reproduction is oviparous. The AmphiAia, or balrachia, which are included in the Reptilia by Cuvier and many othcr naturalists, differ from them, how ever, in various essential and important dlu cters. The heart particularlyis bilocular. The integumcnt isnakcd, sndthc respiration is carried on by means of bmnchiz during the earlier ycriod of life, clianging in some totally, and in others partially, to the pulmonary character in the adult condition. Thc Keptilia, according to most nsturalists, include five orders thc Testudinata, or Tortoises and Turtles thc Ena-Eiosauria of Conybearc, to mhicli the gigantic fossil genera, tllc Ichtl yosaurus ant1 Plcsiosaurus belong the Loricata, or CIO vcodiles aid Alligators the Saurk, or Lizard tribc, and the Ophidia, or Serpcn ts. There is no other class of verkebrated animals tlic different groups of which are forincd upon types of structure direring so essentially from cach otlier as thesc. Tlic ragle and the l umming-bird, thc ostrich and the petrcl, widcly as they appear to be sepmted From each otlier, not by size only, but by form and baliits, still cxhibit the satne gcncral structure of the sltcleton, of the organs of digestion and motion, of the integument, and, in fact, of tllc whole organization of the body,-thc various systcms of wliich differ only amongst the different groups by comparative degrees of developcmcnt. Even amongst thc Rlarnmalia, the whalc with its cnormous and almost mountainous bulk, paddlcd tbrough thc dccpcst retreats of occan by its short fins, which are modifications of thc antcrior extremities, and by that broad expandcd oar, its fleshy tail,-is still formcd upon the samc general plan of organization, as the littlc liglit and agrial bat, whicll flits so rapidly through thc regions of air, supported by its thin membranous wings, which are expanded upon slight and lineas fingers, the reprcscntativcs of the same bones, rvhicl in the former animal are contracted into a mas sivc and shapeless fin. Nor is there in the othcr organs of the body anj rnorc considerable difference of dcvdopcmant. But in thc prescnt class, the discrepancies are far morc conspicuous, particularly in the wholc constitution of the skc-Icton, in the organs of motion, in the integuments, and many other important portions of their organimtion... --This text refers to an alternate Paperback edition.

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The Man Who Stole A Meeting-House

The Man Who Stole A Meeting-House. please visit www.valdebooks.com for a full list of titles --This text refers to the Kindle Edition edition.

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