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The Creative Process in the Individual

Thomas Troward in his classic work The Creative Process in the Individual tries to explain the phenomena of reality speculating and using logical deduction and the law of cause and effect. He manages to convey his ideas and concepts to the reader very clearly and accessibly. The author states that there are two main factors: the individual consciousness and energy-matter. He gives explanations to such notions as Freedom, Joy, Light, Life, Love, Peace, Power, Truth, and Beauty. Thus Troward suggests that heaven is a state of consciousness, so that we don’t need to delay a heaven of joy, love and abundance…

mademoiselle de maupin

“Mademoiselle de Maupin” is an unambiguous glorification of Beauty, both of the physical and artistic worlds, written by Pierre Jules Théophile Gautier (1811 – 1872). The book used to have a reputation of a shocking Dirty French Novel, though, many consider, there is not a hint of vulgarity even in a sexual scene. It is a love story of men and women, as well as a wonderful comedy of manners and sexual politics.
The author’s style of writing appears to be somewhat confusing, captivating the reader by unexpected changing of the point of view, from which the narration is continued from chapter to chapter. The novel is full of vivid, extensive descriptions, sometimes charming humor and social satire.


Albert Payson Terhune was an American writer, journalist and dog breeder. Best of all he is known for his novels about the adventures of his beloved collies and as a breeder of collies at his Sunnybank Kennels. Sunnybank was family’s summer home, but later Terhune made his permanent place of living. First Albert Payson Terhune published short stories about his collie named Lad in various general-interest magazines, such as Saturday Evening Post, Ladies' Home Journal, Hartford Courant and others.
‘Bruce’ is one of the most famous books of the writer. It’s a simple story telling of that almost forgotten times, when women were ladies, dogs were Dogs, and men were husbands first of all, but not office heroes trying to save the world. Bruce, an awesome collie, is the main character of the story. When the First World War began, Bruce was already a grown up dog. Bruce shows the questionable use of war dogs as couriers to deliver written messages back and forth to the different front lines and foxholes of the World War I. Soldiers shot at him, he gets injured, then he’s patched up sent out again. Bruce was lucky, really lucky. Because not all the dogs caught the fortune as he did. At last Bruce comes home to heroes welcome to live out his life at Sunnybank. Probably, the story may seem not that serious or even not that interesting, but it is worth reading. The book is read very easily, at one breath. The book is understandable for everyone. Kids and older young reader will be captivated by the plot, and adults will definitely appreciate the beauty of language. Although the book may seem childish, it won’t make parents fall asleep when reading ‘Bruce’ to their kids. Plenty of actions and characters keep the reader in stress.
Author reveals in his novels such old truths as loyalty, friendship, and love. That’s what little children need nowadays, in the modern world of cruelty and indifference. This book will definitely teach kids to appreciate their friends, to take care of someone they love, to forgive and to trust. Seems that book is glowing with positive emotions and kindness that Albert Payson Terhune put into it.
‘Bruce’ would be a great present for a kid, and for an adult. This book would be awesome additional material for reading lessons at school, because it impresses not only by perfect and easy language, but also by raising quite serious questions.
‘Bruce’ is the book for those who love dogs, for those who still believe in miracles, for those who still think that dreaming is not a waste of time. This book is for those, who still believe in friends and fidelity. ‘Bruce’ teaches readers to be if not fearless, but at least brave and courageous, no matter what is going on. It helps not lose faith in yourself and people you love. This book is a real book of life, if it is possible to say that.

The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science

in the hollow of his hand

Men and women the world over, in these days of independent searching thought and of tremendous readjustments, are longing for the essentials of a religion that relates itself intimately and effectively to the problems and to the affairs of every-day life. The desire in all human problems and relations to know that underneath are the Everlasting Arms, is well nigh universal.
The work on inspiration, positive thinking, religion and self-help by Ralph Waldo Trine, a philosopher, mystic, teacher and author of many books, and was one of the early mentors of the New Thought Movement.

the greatest thing ever known

Trine was one of those old metaphysicians nobility of thought and elegant way with words are not easily rivaled by modern writers in the field. Like the others, he writes in the Christian Gnostic tradition and illumines the scriptures in a way that has relevance and practical application for seekers after truth. Only as Being projects itself into existence are we able to know it. We may know the fact that Being "is," but only as it manifests itself in form are we able to know it itself. And it is only through thought that we are able to conceive of Divine Being as the infinite spirit and essence of life and then to realize that it is the life of our life - in this way we can allow it to become incarnate in us. Rightly directed thought has redeeming power, so it is through our thought that we can create for ourselves a new heaven and a new earth. The author explains why it is better to avoid difficult theological theories and dogmas that only give a dim promise of some afterlife instead of the means of actualizing the divine life here and now.

the missionary sheriff being incidents in the life of a plain man who tried to

the yankee slave dealer or an abolitionist down south a tale for the times

growth and cost function of the liquefied natural gas carrier industry

hillside rhymes

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