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Topsy-Turvy Land

This book was written by a husband and a wife Samuel Marinus Zwemer and Amy E. Zwemer. They both were missionaries and travelers, with their interest focused on the Arabian countries. Samuel Zwemer often called The Apostle to Islam lived for quite a long time (1891-1905) at Busrah, Bahrein and in other places in the Middle East doing research there and missionary work as well. He also became a member of the Royal Geographical Society of London and on its behalf traveled to Asia. During the last years of his life he served as a professor of missions and the history of religion as the Princeton Theological Seminary. Samuel Zwemer is known as the author of many books devoted to the Arabs and Arabian countries. For instance, he was an editor of the famous publication The Moslem World. Also he encouraged many outstanding researches to travel to the Middle East as missionaries and study this region. His wife Amy Zwemer was an American missionary as well working in the Arabian countries where she met and married her co-worker. She created Two Young Arabs including The Travels of Noorah and Jameel and co-authored various books with her husband, among them we can name Topsy-Turvy Land (1902), and Moslem Women (1926).

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