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Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare

Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare is a modified by Edith Nesbit collection of Shakespeare’s stories. They are changed with the intention of adapting rather sophisticated and sometimes difficult for understanding original Shakespeare’s stories to young readers so that there would be nothing unclear for any child who wants to get acquainted with works of the writer of genius.

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The Magic City

Wonderful, captivating children story. Feeling lonely after being abandoned by his newly married elder sister Helen, Philip tries to adjust to a new life and entertain himself. He builds a city inside a house – from books, blocks and other stuff he played with… and one day Pip finds himself inside this magic city. Citizens told him that there had been a prophesy of two newcomers – the Deliverer and the Destroyer. To prove to be the Deliverer, Philip has to do seven great Deeds. Do you want to join and help Pip kill the dragon, slay the Lions of the Desert… and perform many other interesting things?..

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The Slant Book

All readers, not only children but also adults, will absolutely love the new children's book by Peter Newell. Containing wonderful pictures and having an amazing style it looks like a tale which grandparents usually read to their grandchildren. You won't get tired of reading The Slant Book many times to your kids of about 4-7 years old, you will always be amused and interested. The main hero of the story is a boy whose buggy goes down the slant causing many inconveniences on its way down.

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Harding's luck

A sequel to “The House of Arden”, “Harding's Luck” by E. Nesbit, an English children’s author, is a classical piece of literature for youngsters. It tells of Dickie Harding, an only child, a disabled boy, who travels in his past. Describing a wonderful time-travel adventure, the book is also a thoughtful story of unfairness, poverty, imperfection, sacrifice and magic, full of romance and charm.

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The Civilization of Illiteracy

This book fascinates and astonishes! But first of all, it makes think. It draws reader’s attention to the processes that take place nowadays and unfold them. The writer, Mihai Nadin, has a pretty good idea of our speeded up technological civilization. People first influenced the science, now we are all dependant on it: there is no field left unchanged. Does everything that is happening comprise a progress of humanity? The author in this book gives us the reasons for the changes we are experiencing, paying more attention to literacy.

the evolution of a state or recollections of old texas days

"I was but a boy in my nineteenth year, and in for adventure when I started out from Hopkinsville, Kentucky, with all my worldly possessions, consisting of a few dollars in money, a change of clothes, and a gun, of course, to seek my fortune in this lazy man's paradise." Noah Smithwick was an old man, blind and near his ninetieth year, when his daughter recorded these words. He had stayed on in "paradise"--Texas--from 1827 to 1861, when his opposition to secession took him to California. The Evolution of a State is his story of these "old Texas days." A blacksmith and a tobacco smuggler, Noah Smithwick made weapons for the Battle of Concepción, and he fought in that battle. With Hensley's company, he chased the Mexican army south of the Rio Grande after the Battle of San Jacinto. Twice he served with the Texas Rangers. In quieter times, he was a postmaster and justice of the peace in little Webber's Prairie. Eyewitness to so much Texas history, Smithwick recounts his life and adventures in a simple, straightforward style, with a wry sense of humor. His keen memory for detail--what the people wore, what they ate, how they worked and played-- vividly evokes the sights, sounds, and smells of the frontier. First published in part by the Dallas Morning News, Smithwick's recollections gained such popularity that they were published in book form, as The Evolution of a State, in 1900. This new edition of a Texas classic makes widely available for the first time in many years this "best of all books dealing with life in early Texas." --This text refers to an alternate Paperback edition.

Annual report of Public Health Statistics Section [serial] 1957 (1)

Chiefly tables Issued in 2 parts: pt. 1. Communicable disease morbidity statistics, and: pt. 2. Live births, stillbirths, death, population (with slight variations) 1965: pt. 1 called: Vital statistics, pt. 2: Population, births, deaths, marriages, divorces

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Report of the Adjutant General of the state of North Carolina [serial] 1936/1937

State printers and binders may vary Description based on: Jan. 1925/June 1926 Latest issue consulted: 1970/1972 Describes the activities of National Guard units including registers of officers No more published?

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Station bulletin no. 501

Annual report of the Director of the New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station issued in the Station bulletin Bibliography of agriculture

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Bulletin of the Natural History Museum 5

Formerly: Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History). Entomology In 2003 merged with: Bulletin of The Natural History Museum: Additional copies of selected issues also held Vol.62 (1993)-vol.71(2002) 2 4

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