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handbook of household science

Purchase of this book includes free trial access to www.million-books.com where you can read more than a million books for free. This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: - gradually, wash hly in hot water, ironware lined its,—they are not : consequently the is easily con- ;e durable. If al- jle to crackle and Ivy to handle, but lot act on tin. ids, is easily kept buying iron utensils, hat they are smooth will soon prove the Ocelain-lined vessels, !) in iron ones. ut are expensive and ly be kept bright by 'inegar, and washing hould never be used food is liable to be ht and durable, but ads of water, tarnish tato Ricer. which are smooth retinned is more ctory, as the cheap surface of cheap tin best washed in soapap may not be Sor dish wash- Veely. Granite Ibe washed in ar water, if de- Should be used necessity, is a Jt must be suf- ig, else it is no pme think cakes B:ed on an iron greasing, con- Tfrom the others fe there are sev- has very little fry satisfactory. chapter{Section 4 'ing a surface like ensive. There is a durable, also inex- ware. scour and rub with wipe dry. 4ery heavy, and it They give a good ire inconvenient on tern pans are light, gese are not always £:le from them. Tin tially give so nice a h used a while, tin Satisfactory for this Jnite ware is good if crust very read- short handle is very have a close-fittingcover. It will be found best for sauteing meats, and can be set in the oven when necessary. The spider should be oared for in the same way as other iron utensils. THE PANTRY. Adjoining the kitchen there should be a pantry. Ten by twelve feet, inside measure, is a good size. The window should have a wire screen, so that the room can be well aired, and there should be a shade of some kind to shut out the sun when necessary. A large, strong table containing two drawers should be placed near the window. There should be hooks at the end of the table, from which to suspe...

my lady nobody a novel volume 2

bishop colenso on the pentateuch reviewed

editorials that won arguments that live

poems and ballads

Über die Eddalieder

Aus der Zeitschrift für deutsche philologie ... bd. III. c92-na/gg will reformat

Relative absorption of some nutrient elements by the tomato plant as affected by the stage of growth

Typescript Thesis (M.S. in Agr.)--University of Florida, 1955 Vita Includes bibliographical references (leaves 79-81)

Prince Charlie, the young chevalier

Assessment and modeling of non-quasi-static, non-local, and multi-dimensional effects in advanced bipolar junction transistors

Typescript Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Florida, 1992 Vita Includes bibliographical references (leaves 156-160) Adviser: J. Fossum

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