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Martin Pippin in the Apple Orchard

Martin Pippin in the Apple Orchard is a chain of fairy tales written by Eleanor Farjeon in a good spirit of Britain. The main topic of the stories is romance framed in a strange but fascinating plot. Farjeon is widely recognized as a well-known author with creative thoughts whose works are full of charm and skill. You read her short-stories very quickly as they are really fascinating and encompassing. The children between 10 and 12 years old will be happy if their parents read this book to them aloud. Moreover, this is not only a fairy tale but also a wonderful funny book with a plenty of amusing scenes. You cannot help smiling when you read about a little pig who receives a magic gift of being always skinny. Besides, the book also tells us about a good and beautiful woman who turns up to be evil. Eventually a strong man saves her.

The Nebuly Coat

This is a remarkable book by John Meade Falkner which appeared for the first time in 1903. The plot of the novel is centered around Edward Westray, a young architect, who has to travel to a very old church and to restore it. However, there he encounters a terrible killing which was presumable caused by the appeals to the title of Lord Blandamer. The main character gets interested and tries to solve the mystery while he is working hard at the restoration. The author describes the peculiarities of the architecture and music as well as the mystery.The book includes a chronological list composed by the author and introduction with explanation made by Christopher Hawtree.

The Red Thumb Mark

The Red Thumb Mark was created by a famous novelist Richard Austin Freeman. This book is devoted to the life of Doctor John Evelyn Thorndyke who works as a professional detective being very charismatic and intelligent. Such characteristics are very appealing for readers. Thorndyke receives a new case connected with Reuben Hornby who is suspected in thieving. The evidence is quite convincing as his fingerprints were found at the place of the crime. The police is sure that they have found the right person to accuse but Dr. Thorndyke has the opposite opinion. Doctor Jervis, a friend of Thorndyke’s is narrating readers this story. His main task is to assist his friend in this case.It resembles the relationship between Holmes and Watson but the characters are more intelligent, witty and charming. Readers also find out about a young woman with whom Jervis falls in love due to his task. The events unfold and the final scene is very striking. It takes place in a courtroom where Reuben is discharged and Jervis understand the power, wit and charms of Thorndyke.

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