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Martin Pippin in the Apple Orchard

Martin Pippin in the Apple Orchard is a chain of fairy tales written by Eleanor Farjeon in a good spirit of Britain. The main topic of the stories is romance framed in a strange but fascinating plot. Farjeon is widely recognized as a well-known author with creative thoughts whose works are full of charm and skill. You read her short-stories very quickly as they are really fascinating and encompassing. The children between 10 and 12 years old will be happy if their parents read this book to them aloud. Moreover, this is not only a fairy tale but also a wonderful funny book with a plenty of amusing scenes. You cannot help smiling when you read about a little pig who receives a magic gift of being always skinny. Besides, the book also tells us about a good and beautiful woman who turns up to be evil. Eventually a strong man saves her.

a vagabond journey around the world a narrative of personal experience

A Vagabond Journey Around the World was published for the first time in 1910. This is one of the most popular books by Harry A. Franck who was a famous traveler and for his travels was called as the Prince of Vagabonds. He was fond of traveling for his whole life taking a camera with him and taking pictures since he was a student because he always was attracted by the beauty of the landscapes. When traveling, he used to take notes, write down the tourists' tracks and his own impressions about enjoying traveling even without money or baggage. At a certain time of his life he felt that he should share his experience with other travelers. And in this way wonderful notes of his adventures in Vagabondia illustrated with his photographs appeared. The book is recommended for everyone who enjoys traveling and who likes stories about adventures, distant places and the beauty of the nature.

The Nebuly Coat

This is a remarkable book by John Meade Falkner which appeared for the first time in 1903. The plot of the novel is centered around Edward Westray, a young architect, who has to travel to a very old church and to restore it. However, there he encounters a terrible killing which was presumable caused by the appeals to the title of Lord Blandamer. The main character gets interested and tries to solve the mystery while he is working hard at the restoration. The author describes the peculiarities of the architecture and music as well as the mystery.The book includes a chronological list composed by the author and introduction with explanation made by Christopher Hawtree.

The Beautiful and Damned

t Many readers agree that this book is one of the best works by Francis Scott Fitzgerald narrating about an affair between two young people. It is not even an affair; it starts like a real life when lovers are attracted to each other because of their differences but at the end their wish to become rich spoils their relationship. Anthony and Gloria Patch live in New York and wait for the death of Anthony's grandfather as they want to inherit his money. They met in New York suddenly and unexpectedly. Gloria comes from Kansas City; she is very spoiled and is not used to doing any kind of domestic work. She prefers spending time with her friends at cafes and bars, Gloria wants to lead a luxury life eating at expensive restaurants, renting luxury apartments, buying modern cars and so on. The author makes a wonderful plot having written the characters and their love in details. Anthony and Gloria seem to be real and very alive giving them good and bad traits for which readers love them. Other characters are also very bright and memorable, for example, Maury Noble, Anthony's best friend. We also meet a talented writer Richard Caramel who has written his first book and is planning to create a second one searching for inspiration. Joseph Bloeckman is German who moved to America when he was young. You will never forget the friends of the Patches silent Jewess Rachael Barnes and talkative Muriel Kane or Japanese woman Tana who looks for the house of the Patches. The book must be interesting for all readers who are in love or have ever loved in their lives.

The Red Thumb Mark

The Red Thumb Mark was created by a famous novelist Richard Austin Freeman. This book is devoted to the life of Doctor John Evelyn Thorndyke who works as a professional detective being very charismatic and intelligent. Such characteristics are very appealing for readers. Thorndyke receives a new case connected with Reuben Hornby who is suspected in thieving. The evidence is quite convincing as his fingerprints were found at the place of the crime. The police is sure that they have found the right person to accuse but Dr. Thorndyke has the opposite opinion. Doctor Jervis, a friend of Thorndyke’s is narrating readers this story. His main task is to assist his friend in this case.It resembles the relationship between Holmes and Watson but the characters are more intelligent, witty and charming. Readers also find out about a young woman with whom Jervis falls in love due to his task. The events unfold and the final scene is very striking. It takes place in a courtroom where Reuben is discharged and Jervis understand the power, wit and charms of Thorndyke.

the valley of shadows

Francis Grierson's "The Valley of Shadows" is a very special book published at the beginning of the previous century which describes the years of the Civil War in America. It is generally recognized that the novel produces a tremendous effect of its readers justifying its title of being one of the best short novels of that time. Grieson describes the life in America in Illinois before the Civil War, portents of war, the years before the presidency of Lincoln and the first years of him being a President. The style of the book is truly exceptional, it is lyrical, at the same time showing the the tensity of that period . The book is narrated from the children's point of view who is discovering the world with wonder and fear, that adds the charm to the book. It is even quite difficult to define the genre of the story. It combines humor with thriller and sufferings. The author paints his characters in minute detail so well that readers fall in love with the characters and the novel itself.

Tales of the Jazz Age

The expression “Jazz Age” or “Golden Age of Jazz” became wide-spread, after Francis S.K.Fitzgerald had used it in his work “Tales of the Jazz Age”. The book was published in 1922, the time of impetuous spread of jazz. “Tales of the Jazz Age” is a collection of eleven short stories, divided into three parts; it includes one of his better-known short stories, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button", written with wit, sensitivity and beauty.

the magic story of success

The Magic Story of Success became the world-wide bestseller immediately after being published in 1900 in the original Success Magazine. Since then it was re-published more then 1000 times. The book is pretty small but it does not make it less valuable and remarkable. It is divided into two parts. The first part narrates about the life of a poor artist who used to starve before he bought an old scrapbook book that cost 3 cents. This book entirely changed his life. As the artist says himself, that book contained a magic story. The artist widespread the story and everyone whom he told it was blessed with success which is really magical. The second part contains that original magic story. It is recommended that those readers who desire to become successful should read Part 2 first. EXTRACT FROM THE BOOK: PART 2 My father, then, was a seafaring man who, early in life, forsook his vocation, and settled on a plantation in the colony of Virginia, where, some years thereafter, I was born, which event took place in the year 1642; and that was over a hundred years ago. Better for my father had it been, had he hearkened to the wise advice of my mother, that he remain in the calling of his education; but he would not have it so, and the good vessel he captained was bartered for the land I spoke of. Here beginneth the first lesson to be aquired:Man should not be blinded to whatsoever merit exists in the opportunity which he hath in hand, remembering that a thousand promises for the future should weigh as naught against the possession of a single piece of silver...

tom playfair or making a start

the little flowers of saint francis of assisi

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