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The Ten Books on Architecture

This is a remarkable work by Vitruvius Pollio that was created during the classical period and that influenced greatly the further development of the architecture. A number of outstanding sciences of Renaissance referred in their works to this book. The book includes not only data on architecture but also a great number of digressions from this topic. For example, here it is possible to find the paragraphs about different kinds of contemporary art which are also as valuable as the information about architecture ingenuously. When talking about the architecture itself, the author pays great attention to the construction of siege and defend devices, for instance, catapults and tortoises. The book also contains information about divining water and using building materials.

The Gadfly

The novel "Gadfly" written by Ethel Lillian Voynich Boole was enormously popular in the Soviet Union after the second world war.
This is the story of revolt and revolution, the story of love and betrayal, dark secrets and atonement. All these themes are finely incorporated in author’s controversial theme of the criticism of the church. With all this the book became one of the best political novels of the world literature.
The novel set in Italy in the 1800’s within the Italian Risorgimento. The author consulted with the Marucelliana Library of Florence and the State Archives & Civic Museum of Bologna during writing the book.
She was close friend of Sidney Rosenblum, his girlfriend. With the last money of him they moved to Italy. There under the influence of bright Mediterranean sun, southern hot climate, memories of his childhood and powerful Catholic religion, he gave a full background, remembering and conjuring up the memories of the past. He was not angry learning about she published his story. And the story turned out to be a great success, it touched people’s mind amazingly.
Later Ethel Lilian Voynich wrote some other books, but no one of them gave her such success, as the novel “Gadfly”, which has become a specimen of political novel with love, betrayals and the final but unfortunately late insight into the truth.

the function of state historian of new york

Originally published in 1909. 16 pages. This volume is produced from digital images from the Cornell University Library New York State Historical monographs collection.

a journal of an excursion made by the corps of cadets of the american literary

a bibliography of the separate and collected works of philip freneau together w

letters on the united provinces of south america addressed to the hon henry cl

a popular california flora or manual of botany for beginners to which i

a popular california flora or manual of botany for beginners containing descr

the soul of paris and other essays

organic chemistry or chemistry of the carbon compounds volume 1

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