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IP Address

As many other online services, our Site collects statistics on customers' IP addresses. This data is used to improve our Services and also helps us to identify and better solve technical problems. Information on IP addresses can also be used to control the legality of payments (e.g. for Services provided) and other financial operations (such as transfers between Clients' accounts). The Site Administration agrees not to abuse IP address data as well as not to disclose it.


Our Site makes use of cookies, which is a common practice on the Internet. Cookies are only used for storing technical identification information after the user's authorization on the Site. Cookies are not used to store any other data (logins, passwords, financial or/and other information). Disabling cookies may lead to the inability to access those parts of the Site which require authorization.

Personal Information

Certain information in being accumulated on the personal account of each registered user (e.g. list of downloads, e-mail/ICQ correspondence with the Administration, statistics, etc.). The Site Administration agrees not to abuse this data and not to disclose it (unless agreed with the user beforehand).