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Indian Heroes and Great Chieftains

How about novels about Indians? May be you read them under the blanket and imagined yourself to be the part of those adventure stories?
Now it’s time to get to know some of them better! In this book you will find biographies of 15 great Indians who left their traces in lives of many people, not only Indian tribes, but also white ones. You will not regret, these are not boring biographies, from the pages of this book real heroes will look at you.

In Freedom's Cause : a Story of Wallace and Bruce

In 1296, after crushing the Scottish forces, Edward I proclaimed himself King of Scotland. A gifted heroic William Wallace led the people in a rebellion to set his homeland free from new terrible, cruel ruler; later, in 1306, Robert the Bruce continued the Wallace's battle and claimed the crown of Scotland. This novel relates of the deeds of these young, strong and persistent heroes, skillfully interweaving the fictitious characters, Archie Forbes and Marjory Kerr, in the exact historical context.
The book, written by George Alfred Henty, a prolific English novelist of the 19th century, can with certainty be recommend to anyone aged 10 and up.

In the Amazon Jungle

The book of Swedish explorer and writer Algot Lange tells about an incredible journey full of death dangers. After several months of harassing severities in jungle the hero, starving and dying of fever, finds himself in a village of the Mangeroma tribe. The cannibals, fortunately, don’t take him for an enemy and let him live, restore to health and return to the civilization. Let alone the plot, this book is a real documentary of the Amazon jungle, its flora, fauna and even the voice and scent. Colorful informative descriptions will make you ramble through the region together with the author, a keen observer and talented story-teller.

Indiscretions of Archie

The novel of P. G. Wodehouse is actually a collection of short stories, connected by common line of narration. The main character, unfortunate Archie, finds himself in a situation of a growing up conflict with his short of temper and rigid father-in-law, millionaire Mr. Brewster. With all this going on, every Archie’s false step turns round to be a good fortune. So, with the help of his charming wife Lucille, he makes himself career out of series of disasters. Scenes and characters, alternating each other in a cheerful bustle, won’t let readers to be bored, but captivated by irresistible humorous style on writing.

Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow

A book by famous English writer and humorist, Jerome K. Jerome is a collection of essay, published in 1886. There’s hardly anyone who was left indifferent by reading his humorous stories. They return over and over again to some of Jerome’s books, as to an old good friend, who managed to keep the youth and cheerfulness in spite of the years. “The Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow” are written in the same style as his famous “Three Men in a Boat”. At the heart of these sketches lies the anecdote genre, though the author skillfully generalizes particular situations to a typical picture of morals and manners.

In Desert and Wilderness

In Desert and Wilderness is a brilliant novel of a Polish author Henryk Sienkiewicz, his only book written for youth. The action takes place in Africa, where two children, a Polish boy of 14 and an eight-year-old English girl, find themselves having been kidnapped by a group of Arabs. They are taken to an exhausting travel to the Sahara Desert, suffering from heat, thirst, hunger and poor treatment and being often abused; then live in the city ruined by war, poverty and diseases. Much more misfortunes expect them to try their staying power and fortitude.
This is tale of heroism, inspired by real events. Though juvenile, it’s a pleasant piece of literature
for all ages.

in the twinkling of an eye

"Readers of the super hit LaHaye/Jenkins series will enjoy a different perspective on the end-times, as Sydney Watson's novel of Christ's return takes place in turn-of-the-century London. In this classic story, journalist Tom Hammond becomes the witness of the scandal rapture of the church and its consequences. Set in London, the language and style of writing are definitely from that time period, and interesting facts about horse-drawn cabs, lighting lanterns when they enter a house really make this book charming. Reading "In the Twinkling of An Eye" might become an incredible experience for some readers as they will learn many things about the second coming of Christ. If you like the currently popular "Left Behind" books, then you will certainly enjoy this book too.

I Have a Dream, Martin Luther King

I Have a Dream is a written speech by Martin Luther King that moved and inspired America more than 40 years ago, in August 1963. The speech is divided in 15 parts in the book. Then it touched every individual and draw great attention to the problems of slavery and racism. But this work is actual even now and is strongly recommended to be read by anyone. Children can appreciate it as well. There are many illustrations depicting that period of history. At the end of the speech you can find some interesting biographical information.

i have a dream martin luther king

This book is a record of the famous speech by Martin Luther King dated by August 28, 1963 who has inspired by it the entire America and the whole world. This speech was revolutionary in all ways because it called for racial equality and the end of discrimination. The book has a foreword written by Coretta Scott King and also contains paintings by Coretta Scott King Award and Honor Book Artists.

Indian Summer

This is a very touching story that describes the period of life of a person which can be called Indian Summer. The main character Theodore Colville lived in Midwest and worked as a newspaper publisher. When he turned 40 he had the great desire to change his life so he sold his successful business and moved to Italy. Suddenly he met Lina Bowen with whom he had had some affairs earlier in his life. Lina overcame an unhappy marriage and was trying to heal her heart. Colville also got acquainted with a visitor of Lina named Imogene Graham who was only 20 years old and had a desire to explore the great world. These three people lived in Florence and their relationship constitutes the basis of this novel.

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