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A reporter Ben Hawkins is conducting his own research into the case, hoping to help the victim and get an idea for his next bestseller. With no leads and no closer to uncovering the kidnapper's identity than when he stepped off the plane, Ben gets a shocking visit that pushes him into an impossible-to-resist deal with the devil.

Sidelights on Relativity

Albert Einstein. Who doesn’t know his name! Famous physicist, he changed our views on life, the way we see everything around us. He got the Noble Prize for physics and was called the person of the century by Times.
For sure you have heard about him and know all these as well as his merry face showing you a tongue… But do you know the Theory of Relativity?.. You sure?.. If you are interested, this book is for you.

Strange Visitors

Do you believe in UFO? That we are not alone in the Galaxy, that with us in this world live another substances and spirits?.. Marvels are around us, we shouldn’t forget about it… These are not just words and fairy-tales, many people saw Them, news reported on strange things that can’t be explained by common laws, and they happen everywhere… we live in the world of wonders, remember about that and open your eyes…

steps to christ

Steps to Christ written by American Christian White Ellen Gould Harmon who claimed to have a gift of prophecy is a book which is considered to be a classic Christian literature. It was first published in 1892 and since then has been translated into almost 150 languages and published in more then 100 million copies. This book is the most popular and by White Ellen Gould Harmon. It consists of 13 chapters which tell its readers more about the life of Jesus Christ and His teaching. It focuses on such problems like finding peace and love amongst the strong waves of life. Steps to Christ will definitely be interesting to people who are trying to understand the concepts of faith, acceptance and doubt.

Sister Carrie: a Novel

Theodor Dreiser published his novel-challenge in the 1900's. It is a story of 18-year-old girl who moves from her native country to Chicago and becomes there a woman maintained by a man as his mistress. This is because of that it becomes prohibited. The publisher was afraid to release the work as it was, so he changed something in it. After years the masterpiece by Dreiser can be read as it was planned originally.
The novel shows how acute, wise and accurate the author was in his views. He was perhaps the first to depict a woman - crafty, with the behavior beyond the moral norms, with the limited freedom of actions. For sanctimonious America of 19th century it was like ribaldry. Dreiser shows how dangerous for every human being hesitating in finding one's position in life, not deciding and not making own choice; and how dangerous waiting for the fate's sign and not doing anything by oneself. Such choices in the book leads it's characters to the end or to the glory, to the happiness or to the abyss. This masterpiece is full of detailed analysis of the heroes, deep immersion into their psychology. Being followed for the author through all this plot turns attentive reader will be rewarded by the author's talent to reflect the deep psychology of the images.

Shelters, Shacks and Shanties

First published in 1914 by one of the originators of American school of Boy Scouts Beard Daniel Carter, the book Shelters, Shacks And Shanties contains illustrated and detailed plans that display 50 variants of building a shelter using only the materials available in the forest or any improvised means. With this book a simple shelter can be changed to a log cabin. It is a must have book for those who are keen on travelling and camping, love nature and have zeal to create.

scrambles amongst the alps in the years 1860 69

The book written by Edward Whymper, a famous illustrator, writer, explorer and climber, is a real discovery for those readers who love nature and especially mountains. The author focuses not only the English history of mountaineering in the Victorian epoch, but also on the beauty of the mountainous regions and the possible risks in mountaineering. Edward Whymper is known as the first who has conquered Matterhorn so his impressions about his ascend are especially valuable. In his description other peaks of the Andes and the Alps with their fascinating beauty are included.

shakespeare lexicon and quotation dictionary a complete dictionary of all the

Approximately 50 000 quotations, both wide spread and uncommon, are collected from numerous Shakespeare’s work, both plays and poems. Two volumes combines full definitions, nuances of word meanings and quotations, organized by topic. Moreover, the author references any play or poem in which a given words is found.

Skylark Three

One of the Skylark series of an early science fiction author Edward Elmer Smith this book brings to mind modern quark and sub-quark theories of elementary particle physics. It’s a story about interstellar travels of genius inventor adventurer Dr. Richard Seaton. The plot teems with dangers, threatening to the galaxy and everyone who tries to resist severe Fenachrones.
Fantastic worlds, alien planets, wonders of technology will captivate the reader’s imagination with its brightness; in spite of the fact the novel saw the light of the day in 1930.

some mistakes of moses

Robert Ingersoll is one of the most outstanding and important persons of the 19th century, who is now absolutely unknown. Ingersoll was considered as ‘great agnostic’. He devoted his life to challenging people to rethink their biased views about religion and the Bible. In this book he analyses Genesis, and over a century later it still makes readers to rethink and reconsider their notions. Ingersoll’s chapters about the tower of Babel, the plagues God had Moses inflict upon Egypt, the Jews flight from Pharaoh, including their forty years of roaming in the Sinai Desert, render these stories whimsical and unworthy of literal belief, much less divine inspiration. The author shows clear logic, common sense, and amazing sense of humor. Witty and scholarly, "Some Mistakes of Moses" is a definite must read.

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