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Amusements in Mathematics

You like to collect puzzles and twist your brain? Then this book is definitely for you. It’s one of the biggest collections of various puzzles based on probability, numbers, algebra… and so much more! Having about 500 illustrations and written in merry style, this book will make you happy and funny for many-many hours and take one of the best places in your collection.

Aunt Jane of Kentucky

Eliza Calvert Hall was not only an author of fiction but a poet, essayist, folk art historian, and passionate advocate of suffrage and women's rights. As she fought with the timeless problems of work and motherhood, her attempts to heed both the call of her art and her duty to family often left her anxious and frustrated. The fictional world she created, with serene "Aunt Jane" at its center, was therefore all the more remarkable.
Aunt Jane is Eliza Calvert Hall's most unforgettable character. She was a usual old woman from Kentucky. At first time she appeared in the story "Sally Ann's Experience" dressed in a purple calico dress with a white kerchief tied around her throat. The pockets of her gingham apron always had a piece of knitting or some other handiwork. Her cap was a "substantial structure that covered her whole head and was tied securely under her chin." Her voice was a "sweet old treble with a little lisp, caused by the absence of teeth, and her laugh was as clear and joyous as a young girl's."

While hearing about the colorful characters she has known, we also learn that Aunt Jane enjoyed a companionable, egalitarian marriage to her husband Abram, now dead. She also had two brothers, and they both were killed in the Civil War, and at least some of her children have also predeceased her. She occasionally sees her adult grandchildren but prefers staying at home, contentedly sewing her quilts, tending her garden and recollecting people and places from her past. Unafraid to speak her mind, she is nevertheless an incurable optimist, accepting change gracefully and seeing all the good and bad in her long life balancing out for the best--in many ways, the opposite of her opinionated, care-worn and often unhappy creator.
Aunt Jane is a wonderful character. Reading this book you really feel like you are in the room with her, listening to her share memories as only she can. There are several references to clothes and traditions that seem unfamiliar and sometimes unknown to us now, but not so much that the reader couldn't figure them out and enjoy the stories. This book is not only a book about the past of the United States, it is a view into everyday life in the 1800's. Aunt Jane is wise and funny and the characters she describes in the book come to life. Sometimes their lives seem to be easy and careless, but sometimes they don’t. "Aunt Jane of Kentucky" is a book, in which every page has a real life advice. Besides, everyone who is tired of modern non-stop life, will definitely enjoy reading "Aunt Jane of Kentucky", a book describing ordinary life, when people could love and valued what they had. Reading this book is like diving into childhood, when everything seemed so simple and light. Witty phrases and cute and sometimes naive characters will charm you as soon as you open the book. "Aunt Jane of Kentucky" is a classic, that needs to be read.

Against the Grain

Having rejected the vulgarity of the French upper class and all the human society a single character of the book founds his retreat in a quiet countryside mansion and dedicates himself to meditation and interior decoration. Joris-Karl Huysmans, the author, was an outstanding member of the Decadent movement and proponent of Naturalism. “Against the Grain, also known as “Against Nature”, is in some way a dispute of human ingenuity and nature and a reproduction of the stirred and confusing period in history. It became inspirer of what later became known in England as the Tragic Generation.Moreover, the novel is a peculiar exhibition, presenting descriptions of the Duke’s collection, including four entire chapters devoted to his library.

Adventures of Reddy Fox

Do you know of Old Mother West Wind? If yes, you will be delighted to meet with one of the characters of that great book for children. If no… well, it’s time to get acquainted!
Reddy Fox is a very self-confident foxy, you will definitely love him. One day he steals a hen from the farmer and his son together with Bowser the Hound decide to catch Reddy! Hot pursuit begins! Risky cute animal who seems to always get in trouble… you will share his adventures with great pleasure!

aeschylus agamemnon text and translation

“Agamemnon” is the first of the three linked tragedies which make up “The Oresteia” trilogy by the ancient Greek playwright Aeschylus. Agamemnon was the ruler of Micenae, commander of Greek forces in the Trojan War. When Troja had fallen and the king returned with a glorious victory he was killed by his wife Clytemnestra. The play is remarkable for its symbolism and brilliant resolution. It reveals such themes, natural weakness of women, the impossibility to make out the right and the wrong, the conflict between the old and the new gods, the difficult nature of inheritance, the responsibilities it carries, and cyclical nature of blood crimes.

All Things Considered

The book written by Gilbert Keith Chesterton who was an outstanding novelist, philosopher, historian and artist. For a long time he wrote for the London Daily News before World War I and then he collected thirty of his articles and brought them together in All Things Considered. Most of his articles are devoted to politics, for example, he expresses his opinion about double standards which are very popular among the politicians. When writing for the newspaper, he also created daily announcements. For example, when he was on vacation, he learned that his home was flooded but in his article he does not seem to be too tragic as in his opinion it is a good chance for him to look at his home at a new angle. A considerable part of his articles is devoted to literature. He studies the publications about new books in some magazines, then read a book and found out that the meaning of the book was a bit changed and also trivialized. Every essay in All Things Considered is wonderful and remarkable and is considered a real masterpiece in many ways.

An Iron Will

One of the representatives of the New Thought Movement was an American author Orison Swett Marden (1850-1924). He was not only a writer but also a doctor and a prosperous hotel owner. When being a student, he worked in a hotel and then purchased several hotels and a resort. He had some financial problems and had to give up this job. In 1893 he started working again and gained a position of a hotel manager in Chicago. It was at the time when many tourists from all over the world used to come to Chicago to see the World's Columbian Exposition. At that period of time he started to note his philosophical ideas as he wanted to inspire others like Samuel Smile gave inspiration to him. In 1894 Pushing to the Front, Marden's first novel appeared. His next several books were devoted to the questions of success, will-power and positive thinking. In 1897 Swett Marden started Success Magazine and for the next 23 years he wrote regularly for Elizabeth Towne's New Thought magazine Nautilus.

Angelic Wisdom about Divine Providence

Angelic Wisdom about Divine Providence appeared in 1764 aiming at description of the role of God in humans' lives and creation. The author researches the laws that are accepted in our society and taken by as for granted raising the problem of freedom and personal choice. The main idea of the book is that God being a creator and of governor of all humans gives them a broad freedom and allows them to live as they wish. At the first sight it seems that He does not in fact governs but if we look closer we see that his governance is almost invisible but it only makes it more powerful and wise. The author claims that God created such a system in which humans can feel their freedom in making decisions and they are free in fact. Humans can realize the existence of God or not but He definitely exists. On the basis of this good or bad things happen to people. God is depicted as kind; evil things occur because of freedom satiety. Another part of the book deals with describing the means that God employs to defend good people from bad things. Swedenborg argues that God is planning to create a good future for the human race. He does everything for it, though very slowly so that no human can notice it. Knowledge is the most important factor in this process and it leads our life. The author recognizes the existence of the absolute knowledge called the Word of God whcih influences human actions and ways how they think or act. Such complicated system aims at bringing happiness into human life in this world and after death.

Animal Ghosts

Animal Ghosts by O'donnell Elliott is a real find and comfort for those who lost their loved pet. The book confirms the reader that a dead pet is not gone at all, there is an afterlife, and pets after death return as ghosts. Animal Ghosts helps in finding the way to communicate with the ghost of an animal, so that man in grief would feel that his precious pet still lives on. There are separate chapters for cats, dogs, birds, farm and wild animals. Here you can read several stories of the people who communicated with their dead pets.

aristotles theory of poetry and fine art with a critical text and translation

If you are interested in Aristotle’s poetry, this book is a definite must have for you. "Aristotle’s Theory of Poetry And Fine Art With a Critical Text And Translation" has wonderful introduction, the full text of the poetics in Greek and English, and 300 pages of commentary, all of which is well organized for easy and selective digestion. Aristotle's Poetics is a defense against Plato's appeal to ban tragedy. He wanted to ban tragedy because he considered it to be demoralizing. Tragedy was very popular in Greek world so Aristotle asks if can it be wrong to ban it. Fabulous book!

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