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J O H N F I S . K E THOMAS SERGEANT PERRY BOSTON . SMALL, MAYNARD U COMPANY MCMVI h THE BEACON BIOGRAPHIES , EDITED 1 1 M. A. DIWOLFE HOW8 JOHN FISKE 1 1 THOMAS SERGEANT PERRY Copyrkbt, 1905, by Small, Maynard 6 Company In tor poratgd Entrrrd at Staiionrrs Hall Ress rf Gewgc H. Ellis Company Boston, U. S. A. The portrait used ar a fronttspk to thir iolunte O from a photogravure copyrighted by Lea Brothere Company for their work, A Uidtory of A22 nation, to wlt ich Mr. Fidke contributed. The original photograph wcaa takcn by Pach Brothers, Ccz tbric y G e t , 1891. The presctlt eagruv i cy io by Jolra Alldrew Son, Boulon. CHRONOLOGY, 1812 Maroh SO. John Fiske pdmnnd Fiske, Green was born at Middletown, Conn., tho son of Edmund Brewster Green, of 6 Sxnyrna, Del., and Msry Fiske Bound, . of Middletown. 6 1856 Took the namo of John Fiske his great-. grsndfathor on tlko occasion of his mother7s seco ld marriage. 1860 Entered Hsrvard College as Sophornore. 1861 . Pub1 islled article on Fallacies of Buckles Theory of Civilizati n. 1863 . Qraduated at Rarvard College. Ilegrw the study of law in tho Harvsrd Law School. 1864 Aduitted to the Suffolk Bar. viii CHRONOLOGtY 1864 continued Hept. 6. Married Miss Abby M. Bmkso 1865 Received degree of LL. B. in the Hm vard Law 0chool. 1868 Published Tobacco and Alcohol. , . 1869 Appointed University Lecturer on Phi losoph y in Harverd College. 1870 Instr. uctor in History at Harvard College. 1872 Assistant Librarian of Harvard College. Published dlyths and Myth-nrakere, 1873-74 Visited Europe. Made the acquaintance of Huxley, Darwin, and Spencer. . 1874 Published Outlines of Coanib Philo8ophy. 1876 . Pablished The i. Zneem World, and Other suY. 1878 Lectured on American History in the Old Bouth Meeting-house, Boston. 1879 Published Darwinism, and Other E1Psaya. Lectured on American Political Ideas at University College, London. 1880 Repeated. lectures on American Political Ideas at the Royd Institution, London The Philosophical Institution, Edin burgh and at the Sorbonne, Paris. 1883 Published Excursiojis of an Buolutionist. 1884 Published The Destiny of Man V h e d in the Light of hie Origin. Appointed professor of American history in Washington University, St. Louis. X OHRONOLOGY 1885 Published American Politkd Idem Vieteed from the tatadpoint of UniumaZ Niston. L Published The Idea of God ad Afected by Nodern Knowledge. 1888 Published 2 Critical Period of Ammcarr History. l889 Published The Tar of Independence. Published The Beginnings of New fig land or, The Puritan Theocracy in ils Re lations to Civil a nd Religious Liberty. 1890 Published Civil Coucrnment in the United Bttat s, C o tsider d with some Reference to its Origins. Published The America, n evolution. . 1892 . Published me Discovery of America, with eome Sccount of Ancient Amem m and the Spanish Con peat. OHRONOLOGY xi 1804 L ubli ed. Edward Livlngston You-, .. Atteryreter of Scietrce for the People A 8Ii tch of lrie L, with 8eZectiona f r. om his TVritinga and Extract8 from hi8 Come qonde9rce with Spencer, Huxley, PyncEall, and Otl ers. Published A History of the United ate8 v for 8chools. . 1897 Published Old VGginia slid her Neighbours. 1899 Published The Dutch and Quaker Colonies . in dn e ica. Published Tltrvugh Nature to God. Published A Century of Science,. and Other a yu. 4 1900 Published The N. issiaslppi Valley in t b Civil War. Delivered an address at the millennia1 King Alfred Celebration at Oxford. --This text refers to an alternate Paperback edition.
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