a course of exercises in elementary physics

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Purchase of this book includes free trial access to www.million-books.com where you can read more than a million books for free. This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: EXERCISES ELEMENTARY PHYSICS 1. METRIC AND ENGLISH MEASURES. Apparatus : A set of Avoirdupois weights, a set of Metric weights, (to 1 d. g.); trip scales; two metre rods in inches and in mm. A spring balance graduated in decimal multiples of a dyne. I. Find the weight in grams of several avoirdupois standards. Adjust to 0. 1 gram in each case. Calculate the value of the pound, ounce, and grain in grams. Retain four figures in each result. If the results of weighing the different standards do not agree, select the best as a basis for your calculations, or if two or more weighings seem equally reliable, average the results. Why do you prefer a weighing with large weights to one with small weights? Would the results of weighing be affected by an increase or diminution in the earth's attraction for the bodies in question? Give reasons for your answer. EL Lay a metre rod graduated in millimetres beside one graduated in inches and eighths, so that the two scales meet. Make the 5-inch division coincide with the 127th mm. division. What other inch divisions coincide exactly with the mm. divisions next to them? and with what mm. 2 METRIC AND ENGLISH MEASURES. [1 divisions do they each coincide? Calculate from several of these data the value of the inch in millimetres. Carry out your work to three places of decimals. Why do you prefer to base your calculation on a comparison involving a large number of inches and millimetres? IIL Why is it unnecessary to make a comparison of the units of time employed in the Metric and English systems? TV. Find, by suspension from a spring balance, the weight in dynes- of several Avoirdupois standards, also that of several Metric standards of mass. Calculate the weight of one gram in dynes. How would this be affected (if ...
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