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Microtrends reported that there are over 28 million college dropouts in the USA; this is more than the entire population of Venezuela (27 million)! People are denied access to higher education because of the financial, cognitive and social problems that were created by incoherent domestic policies that favored corporate interest. These policies have disproportionately affected the poor and the middle class citizen. Because of the democratic deficit or inequality that resulted from the practice of State Capitalism in the USA and the world over there is a huge and growing gap between the wealthy and the poor, between private and public education and between what we know and what we do. MIT's philosophy of learning by doing with mind and hand is revolutionizing online education and filling all those gaps. You are only a few clicks away from accessing the most powerful educational knowledge base on the planet! Laser Information Age unveils the new photonic world that is emerging all around us. The book shows how the invisible background lasers that inform our internet and the cosmic infrastructure will now be the visible interface through which we interact with each other and the world. These new lasers are illuminating our collective intelligence in the foreground of our visual perception. A few proportional thoughts informed the holistic vision of this book. From these ideas I derived the notion that Einstein's radiant thoughts are to the real world what Laser theorists are to laser power systems. These Laser power systems are connected to the photonic power line networks (power, video, audio and data over fiber and free space optics). In conclusion: Solar Fusion Power is to Geothermal Power what Photonic Power is to Brain Power. Just as geothermal power transduces and distributes the solar fusion power into the biosphere, Laser brain power transduces and distributes the photonic power to the Living human body. Einstein educed or drew out the coherent light from the quantum background of nature and projected it unto the foreground of scientific knowledge. In turn, the scientific coherence in the foreground of the knowledge society became a self-reflecting mirror that awakened and augmented our collective visual consciousness. Applying the proportional idea to the Society of Organizations (the relations between the Government, the University and Corporations) or the Triple Helix, the book describes and illustrates how a freely emergent Open Resource Based Economy (ORBE) is revolutionizing or reversing the roles of all these organizations. We are going from the abuses of private corporate gains to the well being of the public domain. By judiciously employing open source software with open education we can educate the future generation to manage all the planetary resources democratically. ORBE is based on the coherent light of lasers and with it a new politics is also emerging. What State Capitalism is to the current US and Global Economy, Libertarian Socialism is to the future ORBE. While State Capitalism is based on the impersonal value of a monetary system over people and nature, Libertarian Socialism is based on the personal and social value of knowledge and the creative imagination. For Libertarian Socialism Universally Educated People are the most valuable players (MVP) of the democratic society. Universal access to this genuine knowledge based economy is now a reality thanks to MIT Open CourseWare, a free online University that is working with UNESCO's Virtual University consortia, online public libraries, Open Journals, Open Data Bases, the National Institutes of Health, the Non-Profit Foundations and the National Research Laboratories. This book therefore Guides Independent Online Students into Radiant Scientific Careers with Laser Displays via MIT's Open Educational Resources (OER.
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