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This is NOT the LATEST VERSION, uploaded March 8 2009 There will be updated versions of this index from time to time and they will be uploaded to this site, so look for the LATEST VERSION and check the date ---------------------------- 20,000 listings of publications on Gems And Jewelry, Including Journals, Articles And Books From 1652 until 2009, over a period of 350 years, containing all works in the English language arranged chronologically and by subject, with over 350 direct links to download or read the entire text on the internet Do a search for "gems, gemology, jewelry, Gill" to see the many other interesting text that I have contributed to this wonderful web site. ALSO SEE: Appendix 1 - Gill's Historical Index To Gems And Jewelry Online - by Joseph O. Gill 2009, This Appendix 1 to "Gill's Historical Index To Gems And Jewelry Online" Including Journals, Articles And Books From 1652 Until 2009, A 350 Year Annotated Index of Gemology & It's Creator - by Joseph O. Gill 2009, Many unique documents from famous gemologist and historical documentation make this index far more interesting.. Joseph O. Gill BSC, GG, FGA, Gemologist & Retired director of Jewelry for Sotheby's, North America =============================================== Latest Review Please copy and paste on this link and see a brief but thorough review of this all new index of everything about gems and jewelry in the English language, from 1652 until 2009, with over 20,000 listings. Many of the listing in the new index has direct links, so you can read the entire book online. Or download it for your electronic library of several hundred gem books in a small file, on your own laptop and have this new index to keep it all organized. =============================================== Gill’s Index Available as Free Digital Download Updated, Searchable Index of 20,000 Docs on Gems and Jewels Joseph O. Gill is offering a newly revised edition of his classic Gill’s Index to Journals, Articles and Books Relating to Gems and Jewelry. For free. And in an easily searchable digital format. Originally published in 1979, Gill’s “analog” database was only the second book published by the Gemological Institute of America that was not written by a GIA staff member, according to a lively scrapbook/biography offered as “Appendix 1” to the new digital version. Both Gill’s Index and Appendix are available for free download via Internet Archive (host of the famous Project Gutenberg). Since 1988, Joseph O. Gill, formerly of Sotheby’s and his own business Gill and Shortell Ltd., has spent his (early) retirement on the big island of Hawaii and, since 2003, trotting the global south and east that he’d traveled as a child—this go-’round sampling far-flung sights and vegan delights, laminated cheat-sheet in hand. (How do you say, “No flesh, please,” in Laotian?) Gill packed a lifetime of achievement into his brief fifteen-year career: successfully challenging the Gemmological Association of Great Britain’s first-year exam and receiving both his F.G.A. from Gem-A and G.G. from GIA in 1973; a year later becoming head gemologist for Boston’s J. & S.S. DeYoung Inc. (and providing the firm with its single biggest sale—sans commission); being appointed western U.S. director of Sotheby’s jewelry sales in 1980 (increasing business by 400% in the first year); eighteen months later starting his own business and then being offered (and declining) the top job at GIA, by Richard Liddicoat… And, of course, the publication of his magnum opus, the product of nine years of compilation on 48 inches’ worth of 5"x8" index cards—about 4,500 by our estimation. Typing the book’s draft alone took eighteen months. So you can look up France and find that a rough diamond was found there or what gems were found in Antarctica or California or Nigeria or Ghana or Florida or in the oceans or anywhere including from outer space. You can find all the references ever in English from the first book done by Thomas Nicols on gems in 1652 until 2008, near 350 years of all the publication in English on gems along with more than 18 journals on gems and minerals. I went through each sentence of each publication and all was put in this handwritten annotated index. While still on the road in Katmandu, Gill obtained a high-quality optical character recognition scan of the original Index. He proofed the text and for three years, with limited resources, he revised the text to the best of his ability. The text includes links to other gemological works offered by Internet Archive, where Gill also has posted: • The Personal Scrapbook of Henry D. Morse (Trained the First Diamond Cutters in America) and Charles M. Field (Inventor of the Modern Diamond Cutting Machine) – Scrapbook (and Many Extras) • Origins of Gemology in Pictures by Joseph O. Gill, presented to attendees of the Bicentennial 1976 American Gem Society Conclave in Boston As Gill told us, “You will definitely want to go to and do a search for ‘gems, gemology, jewelry, Gill’ to see the many other unique texts that I have contributed to this wonderful web site.” [back to top] — End February Newsletter • Pala Gems • Published 2/25/09 — ============================================= IMPORTANT NOTICE: I have consulted my Copyright Attorney who assured me that my Registered 2009 copyright on this book is good, no matter what is put on this web site or any other web site. PLEASE enjoy your own personal copy of my book and make any updates as you wish. Please consider sending me any important updates so they can be added for future uploads helping us all make a better online reference and your name will be added to the credits. If you see anyone using this INDEX inside of another such index, ETC. please kindly contact me at [email protected].
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