Darwin and modern science; essays in commemoration of the centenary of the birth of Charles Darwin and of the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of the Origin of species

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"Dates of the publication of Charles Darwin's books and of the principal events in his life": p. [xiii]-xvii Introductory letter to the editor from Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker.--Darwin's predecessors, by J. Arthur Thomson.--The selection theory, by A. Weismann.--Variation, by Hugo de Vries.--Heredity and variation in modern lights, by W. Bateson.--The minute structure of cells in relation to heredity, by E. Strasburger.--"The descent of man," by G. Schwalbe.--Charles Darwin as an anthropologist, by E. Haeckel.--Some primitive theories of the origin of man, by J.G. Frazer.--The influence of Darwin on the study of animal embryology, by A. Sedgwick.--The palaeontological record. I. Animals, by W.B. Scott.--The palaeontological record. II. Plants, by D.H. Scott.--The influence of environment on the forms of plants, by G. Klebs.--Experimental study of the influence of environment on animals, by J. Loeb.--The value of colour in the struggle for life, by E.B. Poulton.--Geographical distribution of plants, by Sir W. Thiselton-Dyer.--Geographical distribution of animals, by H. Gadow.--Darwin and geology, by J.W. Judd.--Darwin's work on the movements of plants, by F. Darwin.--The biology of flowers, by K. Goebel.--Mental factors in evolution, by C.L. Morgan.--The influence of the conception of evolution on modern philosophy, by H. Höffding.--Darwinism and sociology, by C. Bouglé.--The influence of Darwin upon religious thought, by P.N. Waggett.--The influence of Darwinism on the study of religions, by J.E. Harrison.--Evolution and the science of language, by P. Giles.--Darwinism and history, by J.B. Bury.--The genesis of double stars, by G. Darwin.--The evolution of matter, by W.C.D. Whetham
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