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a wanderer in the spirit

It is a story that narrates us about love that makes man stronger and which doesn't come to the end after death. It is a story written about an existed socialite - Franchezzo who squandered his life time on wine, women and song'. Of course because of such behaving he dies very early and after the death he finds himself roaming in some strange place - one of the lower realms. He is alone, terrified, but he finds the salvation receiving the messages that his beloved sends him through the prayers. Being touched by her selflessness with which she devotes herself to him he decides to find the way out of that cursed place. And he starts his journey to comeback to the earth during which he helps to the other lost souls.
Those who are the followers of the esoteric study have considered Wanderer as one of the most interesting, full and efficient description of the world that is waiting for us after our Earth -life.

From Ritual to Romance

The novel From Ritual to Romance appeared in 1920 but it is still up-to-date and readers will find many useful and interesting facts and events there. The book was written by Jessie Weston in the twilight of her life when she was 70 years old. The author devoted all her life to studying the Arthurian canon and as a result of this research From Ritual to Romance appeared. The book is not long and it tries to explain the sources of the legend of the Holy Grail. The other elements that at first does not seem to be connected to the legend like The Fisher King, The Wasteland, the Chapel Perilous are seen by the author as the symbols and the binding attributes of the ancient mysterious religions. In many ways she does not agree with the academic researches and also points out on the considerable contradictories among them. It is supposed that T.S. Elliot's The Wasteland relies on the facts of From Ritual to Romance but it has not been proved. What is in fact proved is that the book belongs to one of the most outstanding research works of the 20th century and unfortunately it has not been read and understood by many. It is created in a formal academic style with citations in dozens of various languages which makes the book pretty tough to read but for those who have read and got it From Ritual to Romance opens eyes to many interesting and unknown facts.

the book of talismans amulets and zodiacal gems

THE subject of Talismans and Gems of the Zodiac covers a wide area, and the difficulty of arriving at a definite conclusion is increase became of the varying opinions between writers on these subjects as to the stones referred to, or in-tended by the Ancients, complicated still further by the different languages from which these records have been translated, and where Month or Zodiacal gems are referred to many of the writers arc obviously unacquainted with Astrology or Astronomy. The present volume, being the result of many years of study and research, it is not easy in all cases to specify the original source of our information, which has been collected, not only from ancient and modern writings, but also from personal experience and experiments, noted at the time they occurred, long before this book was contemplated. Again, we find that many, and more especially modern authors, quote from one another in places, and the original source of the information is obscure; we have, therefore, endeavoured to give as far as possible our authorities, although, owing to the antiquity of the subject, much is necessarily left to deduction and conjecture; and it than probable dace, may be unintentional omissions, to remedy which we give a list of books that we have at different times consulted and studied with advantage.

the mormons

Household Gods

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery. --This text refers to the Kindle Edition edition.

Hughes' nerves of the human body, with plates ..

Thoughts on our conceptions of physical law

Precept and practice

Includes index Veterinary Library's copy part of the John A. Seaverns Equine Collection

Weights and balances

Includes bibliographical references and index

A Wanderer in the Spirit Lands

Book digitized by Google from the library of the New York Public Library and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb.

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