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Lo, Michael!

A homeless stray Michael was wandering about New York back streets and avenues when he saw Starr Endicott and saved her risking his own life. This changed everything. Starrs father got so thankful to Michael that he sent him to a fine school where Michael grew up and became well-educated. Now he is back in New York and wishes to returns the kindness of Starrs father and help the street children with whom he spent the first years of his life. Michael meets Starr again, looks at her and hopelessly falls in love with her. However, he does not think that he is worth her so does not try to move their relationship forward until a mean and intriguing suitor forces Michael to risk everything once again...

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hearts of three

Jack London said about this novel himself, "I have written some novels of adventure in my time, but never, in all of the many of them, have I perpetrated a totality of action equal to what is contained in 'Hearts of Three'." This is an adventure novel where we find the story of the life of two men who are very alike in appearance and hunt for treasure in the South Sea Islands. The plot of the book keeps readers attentive and even a bit strained as the main characters get into many adventures. Though being thrilling and full of events the novel is full of nice moments which add to it the old charm.

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Miss Mapp

This is a nice and funny book describing the life of Miss Mapp who governs a small English village called Tilling. There are not many inhabitants there and the lady who is very intelligent has the power to manipulate them, make them do some expected things. Every character in this village is very bright and easy-to-remember. Among them it is worth to mention the greatest rival of Miss Mapp's Diva and the local artist Irene who does not really like the main character often embarrassing her. We also meet Vicar who is bright for his way of talking as in his speech he mixes Shakespearian English and Burnsian dialect. The novel starts with the description of a bridge party that takes place at Poppit's house. Such parties are often organized in the village and they are the main place of social life. Miss Mapp uses bridge to see other people's weaknesses and to keep in mind the ways of her possible future manipulations. The author Edward Benson does a great job in showing the smallest details of everyday life in Tilling. For example, he describes the opposition of Miss Mapp and Diva who want to be better-dressed. There is also a respected and the most handsome man name Mr. Wyse for whose attention almost all women are struggling. And of course, it is not possible to imagine a small village without gossiping where Miss Mapp takes an active part. The book is wonderfully written with the help of simple and ironic language. It will keep you smiling and laughing when you dive into it.

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Sister Carrie: a Novel

Theodor Dreiser published his novel-challenge in the 1900's. It is a story of 18-year-old girl who moves from her native country to Chicago and becomes there a woman maintained by a man as his mistress. This is because of that it becomes prohibited. The publisher was afraid to release the work as it was, so he changed something in it. After years the masterpiece by Dreiser can be read as it was planned originally.
The novel shows how acute, wise and accurate the author was in his views. He was perhaps the first to depict a woman - crafty, with the behavior beyond the moral norms, with the limited freedom of actions. For sanctimonious America of 19th century it was like ribaldry. Dreiser shows how dangerous for every human being hesitating in finding one's position in life, not deciding and not making own choice; and how dangerous waiting for the fate's sign and not doing anything by oneself. Such choices in the book leads it's characters to the end or to the glory, to the happiness or to the abyss. This masterpiece is full of detailed analysis of the heroes, deep immersion into their psychology. Being followed for the author through all this plot turns attentive reader will be rewarded by the author's talent to reflect the deep psychology of the images.

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The Cat of Bubastes

George Alfred Henty was an English novelist of the 19th century and is best known for his historical adventure stories.
“The Cat of Bubastes, A Tale of Ancient Egypt”, published in 1889, is a historical novel for youngsters, relating of a young enslaved prince, who becomes the servant and companion of the son of the high priest of Osiris; he involuntary kills a sacred animal and is forced to escape. The action takes place in Egypt of the 1250 b.c., the oldest time period of any of the Henty novels.. Creating vivid pictures of domestic life, customs, religion, and military system, the author transport the readers into the atmosphere of ancient Egypt. Moreover, this thrilling adventure touches upon Judeo-Christian themes, which are revealed throughout the novel.

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the return of the soldier

This is the best-known West’s novel. The story is told by a spinster whose whole life revolves around her cousin, his life and country mansion. This is the story of an English gentleman who goes off to World War I only to be returned not in a body bag or physically injured but with a severe case of amnesia. He does not recognize his pretty, smart wife; starts a youthful affair with a poor woman who is also married. The woman comes forth in the interest of helping him. The balance of the plot hangs in the consequences of recovery. The balance of the full experience of the novel is to watch characters changing or not changing their class prejudices and outlook in light of their experiences on this country estate. The novel is only 90 pages long, but it is as rich for exciting events as any other masterpiece of world’s literature. This story is wonderfully written and raises many themes, such as classism, elitism, true love and hate. Each character is fully developed and described. A book that should be read and discussed by everyone.

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Twenty Years After

“Twenty Years After” continues the D’Artagnan Romances of Alexandre Dumas, a famous French writer of historical novels. Years have reduced zeal of the musketeers, though treachery and deceit still make them gain justice. The throne of France is in complete disorder; England is stirred by troubles, and Dumas calls his quartet back out of their private life, exept D’Artagnan, who is now a lieutenant of musketeers and is immediately ready to join, to cross swords with time and human spite.

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Against the Grain

Having rejected the vulgarity of the French upper class and all the human society a single character of the book founds his retreat in a quiet countryside mansion and dedicates himself to meditation and interior decoration. Joris-Karl Huysmans, the author, was an outstanding member of the Decadent movement and proponent of Naturalism. “Against the Grain, also known as “Against Nature”, is in some way a dispute of human ingenuity and nature and a reproduction of the stirred and confusing period in history. It became inspirer of what later became known in England as the Tragic Generation.Moreover, the novel is a peculiar exhibition, presenting descriptions of the Duke’s collection, including four entire chapters devoted to his library.

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a heap o livin

If asked to name the most popular and prolific poets of the first half of the 20th century those interested in poetry will definitely think of Edgar Albert Guest (1881-1959), also famous as the People's Poet. His life was difficult and diverse. The first steps in his career are connected with the Detroit Free Press where he worked as a copy boy and then as a reporter. In 1898 his first poem was published and soon his next poems widespread throughout the whole North America. In some ways they resembled the verses written by Nick Kenny as they were also light and romantic. During his life in general he created more then 11,000 poems which were gathered in about 20 books, including A Heap O' Livin' (1916), Just Folks (1917), Over Here (1918), The Path to Home (1919), When Day is Done (1921) and Making the House a Home (1922). The collection A Heap O' Livin' rises such important questions like the role of home and family in our life. Everyone who wants to spend some time feeling cozy and comfortable, will be fond of the lyrics.

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Through the Eye of the Needle

Do you like Utopias?.. Then you have made the right choice. The book you have now is the third one in trilogy about Alturia. This time again the author chose the form of epistolary novel – the main character writes letters to his friend Cyril. He is a resident of Alturia – Utopian community in California. How is it to live there?.. Let’s have a look at Homos’ letters. There is no money in Alturia, so citizens have already forgotten the meanings of words «rich» and «poor». They don’t have to save as they can get everything they need any time. They don’t have to work hard – the workload is shared so that three hours a day is enough and even these little hours are turned into merry, lovely process. Want to find out more? Want to live in this paradise on Earth as well?..

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