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Visitation of England and Wales 24

Vols. 22-33: Notes. v. 1-12

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the commercial code of japan

Purchase of this book includes free trial access to www.million-books.com where you can read more than a million books for free. This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: Article 23. The provisions of Art. 22 are applicable where the business is transferred exclusive of the trade name. Article 24. If a person has abandoned or altered his trade name already registered, and such abandonment or alteration is not registered, the parties interested can apply to the court for the cancelation of the registration of such trade name. On the application mentioned above, the court must summon the person whose trade name has been registered to make objections within a certain period of time fixed by the court, and if no objection is made during such period, the registration shall be instantly canceled. Art. 31 of the German Commercial Code provides that any alteration in the trade name or in the personnel of its proprietors, as well as any transfer of the place of business to another locality, is to be registered in the trade register; but it does not provide that a party interested in the business has a right to apply for the cancelation of the trade name. SECTION 5. TRADE BOOKS. Article 25. A trader shall keep books, in which the daily dealings and all such facts as may affect his property shall be systematically and clearly recorded;1 but as to his household expenses, it is sufficient to record the total amount each month.2 As for the dealings of retail business, only the total amount of every day's sale, either in cash or on credit, must be recorded. 1 For instance, damages caused by fire, earthquake, etc., or any obligation arising from contract or tort, are to be recorded in the journal. Identical with Art. 38, par. 1, of the German Commercial Code. 2 There is no provision in the German Code for an account of the total monthly household expenses. According to the Law of Bankruptcy of Japan, a trader may become responsible for h...

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Pan-Americanism; a forecast of the inevitable clash between the United States and Europe's victor

Bibliography: p. 443-459

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Commentaries on the law of municipal corporations 1

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Codification in British India

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Cyclopedia of the law of private corporations

Accompanied by supplements for 1921, 1924, and annual cumulative supplements for 1927, 1928, 1929, 1930 (6 v.)

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Illustrative cases on equity jurisprudence

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Physical education and the preservation of health

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