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The Fourth R

by Smith George Oliver

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Author: Smith George Oliver

Literature & Fiction

Language: English

Added by: David (Idaho)



An intelligent and profound novel devoted to a young boy James Holden who was meant to become quite different than all other people. His parents were killed and the orphan experiences strong stress. One of scientists who invented a device for education gets interested in James as experimental person. He makes James who is only five years old extremely clever. However, his knowledge is a very hard burden and it does not make him happier.

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..."Why did you run away?Where have you been?"Brennan stepped forward and placed a hand on the boy's shoulder. "Withouta shadow of doubt, " he said formally, "this is James Quincy Holden. I soidentify him. And with no more ado, I hand you the reward. " He reachedinto his inside pocket and drew out an envelope, handing it to Jake. "Ihave never parted with one thousand dollars so happily in my life. "Jimmy watched, unable to move. Brennan was busy and cheerful, the modelof the man whose long-lost ward has been returned to him. "So, James, shall we go quietly or shall we have a scene?"Trapped and sullen, Jimmy Holden said nothing. The officers helped himdown from the desk. He did not move. Brennan took him by a hand that wasas limp as wet cloth. Brennan started for the door. The arm lifted untilthe link was taut; then, with slow, dragging steps, James Quincy Holdenstarted toward home. Brennan said, "You understand me, don't you, Jimmy?""You want my father's machine. ""Only to help you,...

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