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Eight Keys to Eden

by Clifton Mark

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Author: Clifton Mark

Literature & Fiction

Language: English

Added by: Todd M. Tysse...



After the colonists landed on the uninhabited planet every man was making an aircraft – communicators, but their tools – they disappeared! They couldn’t find even their clothes! This is a fascinating science alien planet riddle from the man writer, critic and Nebula award winner Barry Maltzberg calls "One of the twelve most influential science fiction writers Here is an enthralling science alien planet puzzle from the man writer, critic and Nebula award winner Barry Maltzberg calls "One of the twelve most influential science fiction writers". Eden, the Earth colony, is silent for eleven light years, and doesn’t answer any communications from native planet. That makes the Earth’s government go into panic. What if something terrible... Read more

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...caused him to strut a little, buthe'd got over it. He was single, had no ties, wanted none. He had a goodjob which he took seriously, was doing significant work which he alsotook seriously, was paid premium wages even for a space captain, whichdidn't matter except in terms of recognition. He didn't mind goinganywhere in the known universe, or how long he would be away. He hopedhe would get back someday, but he wasn't fanatic about it. In a routine so well-practiced that it had become ritual, he checkedover the cruiser point by point. Of course the maintenance men hadchecked each item when they had, after his last trip, dismantled, cleaned, oiled, polished, tested, and reassembled one part afteranother. Then maintenance supervisors had checked over the ship with agimlet-eyed attitude of hoping to find some flaw, just one tiny flub, sothey could turn some luckless mechanic inside out. The InspectionDepartment, traditionally an enemy of Maintenance, took over from thereand inspected every...

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20 Oct 2010 06:33:52

wonderful book.. filled with love,purity n goodness that makes it hard not to love the book


08 Oct 2010 02:28:16

Im surprised no one commented !

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