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a system of biblical psychology

by franz delitzsch


The first edition of this book was published in 1855. Due to its immediate success it was re-published a number of times and soon in 1866 translated from German into English. System of Biblical Psychology belonging to the pen of Franz Delitzsch gives its readers the understanding of the relationship between God and a person. The author believes that the Bible contains all rules and ideas concerning the human nature and actions in defferent situations. Moreover, the theme of relationshoip between a man and self and a man and those who surround him is also included in this book. Various sections of the book are devoted to pre-existence, creation, the fall, man's natural condition, the regeneration, death, and resurrection and consummation. E... Read more

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ISBN: 0825421160
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...enlightened upon this ques- tion that my confused materials of biblical psychology formed themselves as if spontaneously into a systematic unity. My problem was an historical one, standing indeed in a wholly different internal attitude to the psychologic views of the Holy Scripture, from that in which it stands say to those of Plato or of the Indian Vedanta. In seeking exegetically to ascertain these views, and to combine them into a whole which should correspond to their own internal coherence, I proceeded from the auspicious assumption, that whatever of a psychologic kind Scripture presents will neither be self-contradictory, nor be so confused, childish, and unsatisfactory, as to have any need to be ashamed in view of the results of late anthropologic researches. This favourable assumption has, moreover, per- fectly approved itself to me, without my having feared to con- sider the psychologic statements of Scripture in any other than their own light. For while the Scripture...

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