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Tropic Days

by Banfield Edmund James

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Author: Banfield Edmund James

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Language: English

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On the smooth beaches and in the silent bush where time is not regulated by formalities or shackled by conventions there delicious lapses¿fag-ends of the day to be utilised in a dreamy mood which observes and accepts the happenings of Nature without disturbing the shyest of her manifestations or permitting ¿the-mind to dwell on any but the vaguest speculations.

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...Adam Lindsay Gordon to frame an adhesive phrase concerningbright scentless blossoms and songless, bright birds. Excluding theacacias and eucalypts, said to have given sameness to the scenes amongwhich the exotic poet ranged, a long list might be compiled; nor will thepleasant sounds of the afternoon be set down in formal order to thevexing of his memory, for possibly he never heard the whoop and gurgle ofthe swamp pheasant or the blended voices of hundreds of nutmeg pigeonsmellowed by half a mile of still, warm air. Nor may such unassuming vegetation as the grasses--at least a dozenvarieties--find place in an enumeration which appeals primarily on thegrounds of prominence, though it would not do to despise the soft andpleasant carpet beneath the orderly row of Casuarinas which the tideplanted during the last big cyclone with gardener's art. The common namefor the trees--"she" (or "shea" oaks, as the late F. Manson Baileypreferred)--mimics the sound of the wind among the branches, which...

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