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The Lucky One

by Nicholas Sparks

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Is there really such thing as a lucky charm? The hero of Nicholas Sparks's new novel believes he's found one in the form of a photograph of a smiling woman he's never met, but who he comes to believe holds the key to his destiny. The chain of events that leads to him possessing the photograph and finding the woman pictured in it is the stuff of love stories only a master such as Sparks can write.

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ISBN: 1455508977
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...un pointed at me. And half the time, it's like I don't re...

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07 Jul 2012 19:53:58

another great book by N.S.
I really enjoyed this book by Nicholas Sparks. I always try to reach the novels before the movies come out, and I thought the movie did a good job at representing the book, which is rare.

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19 Jun 2012 05:27:12

If i download this can i put this into my Kindle Fire book?

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Proximity bred familiarity, and familiarity bred comfort.


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Stick two different people with two different sets of expec tations under one roof and it ain't always going to be shrimp and grits on Easter.


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ou found that picture for a reason. No one claimed it for a reason. You took it today for a reason. Only you were meant to have it."


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It's always a SNAFU: situation normal, all f ed up.


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Ricky and Bill would not; each was later buried with full military honors

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