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The Guardian

by Nicholas Sparks

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A great accident tooks her husband's life fours years before, 29-year-old Julie Barenson had been reluctant to date, but now feels ready to test the waters. Soon, she is being wined and dined by Richard Franklin, a handsome and sophisticated engineer who treats her like a queen. She also suddenly finds herself entertaining romantic thoughts about Mike Harris, her best friend in the world. Mike is nowhere near as debonair as Richard and has permanent grease stains on his hands from his work as an auto mechanic, but he's funny, loyal, and a great favourite with Julie's beloved dog Singer. When Julie innocently chooses between the two men, she has no idea that she will set off a chain of events at once terrifying, dangerous and, ultimately, de... Read more

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ISBN: 0446696110
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...e came to the surface after what seemed to him a quarter of an hour, and struck out for the side. When he got out, Phipps and Thomas had just got in. Gorrick was standing at the end of the coconut matting which formed a pathway to the spring-board. Gorrick was blue, but determined. "I say! Did I go in all right then?" enquired Gorrick. "How the dickens do I know?" said Spencer, stung to fresh wrath by the inanity of the question. "Spencer did," said Thomas, appearing in the water below them and holding on to the rail. "Look here!" cried Spencer; "did you shove me in then?" "Me! Shove!" Thomas's voice expressed horror and pain. "Why, you dived in. Jolly good one, too. Reminded me of the diving elephants at the Hippodrome." And he swam off. "That kid," said Gorrick, g...

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07 Jul 2012 19:52:56

wonderful book
I loved the suspense and relationships of this book, and really enjoyed this novel!

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