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The City of Ember

by Jeanne Duprau

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Darkness is everythere and who may give people a little hope to release of this dark, but what this story is about? The Ember-the only city in the world, as far as the residents know. The sky is always black, and there are no stars or moon. If the lights fail, there is total darkness. And that's something that has been happening more often lately, the lights failing. Lina and Doon, two young residents, just out of school at 12 years old with their first jobs, discover that things in Ember are even worse than everyone thinks, and they try to discover a way out of the coming darkness.

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ISBN: 0385736282
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...e the words "period" and "ears" and "city." But after that, so much was missing. She studied the line next to the number 1. Exp. That could be Expect or Expert or so many things. She moved on to riv. That might be part of a word like "drive" or "strive." What could ip and ork possibly be? They were so close together, maybe they were part of one word. What ended with -ip? Whip, Lina thought. Trip. Slip. What ended with -ork? Fork came to mind immediately. Tripfork. Slipfork. Nothing she could think of made sense. Maybe it wasn't fork. What else ended in ork? Starling at the beginning of the alphabet, Lina went through all the words that rhymed with fork. Most of them were nonsense: bork, dork, gork, hork, jork. ... This isn't going to work, she thought miserably. Oh... workl Th...



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