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Tenth Grade Bleeds

by Heather Brewer

Added by: DEnver


Tenth Grade Bleeds is the third volume of The Chronicles of Vladmir Todd by Heather Brewer. You can see my thoughts on the first two, Eighth Grade Bites & Ninth Grade Slays by clicking on the links. This is an incredibly fun series, as we follow Vlad Tod through his many adventures, but things for Vlad take a slightly darker turn this year.

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ISBN: 014241560X
9 of 10 Votes: 14

Read an excerpt:

...lief flooded over Vlad, and when he sighed, it seemed to make it easier to breathe, like an enormous weight had been lifted off his shoulders. He nodded quietly at Henry, showing his relief that their friendship was real. Henry didn’t just hang out with him because of some vampire master’s spell. He actually liked Vlad. And that was pretty cool.Vlad cleared his throat. “So, what’s with the distance lately?”Henry sank into his desk chair again. “ To be honest, I’ve been really stupid. Questioning why you never gave me a choice about being your drudge. Stuff like that. It’s not like you knew what biting me would do. And I was the one who suggested it.”He grew quiet for a long time. When he spoke, his voice was but a whisper in the quiet dark of the room. “I guess I’ve j...



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