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by Cate Tiernan

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Morgan has been so involved in the world of magick that her parents are furious with her for neglecting school. And now the members of her coven are being persecuted. Morgan is falling to pieces. How can she find the strength she so desperately needs?

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... his fault. I grabbed him by the collar and started to shake him. “What have you done?” I was almost screaming, and Sam started bawling. The Book fell from is lap, and I dove for it. It felt warm in my hand, like something alive, and I wanted to throw it down, but I didn’t dare. I must burn the vile thing before it destroys us all. — Sarah Curtis “Morgan!” I knew the voice was Bree’s, but I couldn’t reply or even turn my head because I was gripping a paper cup of tea in my teeth as my cold fingers fumbled to lock the door of my car. Plumes of steam rose from the hot liquid and combined with my breath, dissipating quickly. “Here,” Bree said as she reached for the paper cup. I released it gratefully. “Thanks.” “Got a minute?” Bree ask...

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Trust me. The words hadn’t been spoken, yet they seemed to be all around me, spinning lazily like dandelion fluff on a summer wind. I looked out the kitchen window. The night was dark, and the moon was out. I couldn’t see any stars, but I knew they were there. I could picture them, waiting patiently, their light cutting through the infinite darkness. Fire had never looked so cold to me. Trust me. What choice did I have? “I do,” I said.


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I mean”—she gave a little laugh—“I’d been unconscious for, like, days, and I just up and asked for some apple juice out of the blue. The nurse was in shock.”


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My parents had always told me that there was nothing I could do that would made them stop loving me. But I guess I found that one thing.


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“You’re strong, Morgan,” she said. “That’s your weakness.”


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Erin stepped back. “That was good,” she said simply. “You know the divagnth . And you’re strong.” Damn straight, I thought, feeling a rush of pride.

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