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by Anthony Horowitz

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What goes up must come down, and when we last saw Alex Rider, he was as up as can be--in outer space. When he crash lands off the coast of Australia, the Australian Secret Service recruits him to infiltrate one of the ruthless gangs operating across South East Asia. Known as snakeheads, the gangs smuggle drugs, weapons, and worst of all, people. Alex accepts the assignment, in part for the chance to work with his godfather and learn more about his parents.

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ISBN: 0142412120
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... 39 "Well, now's your chance. When we get out there, I'll set up a few targets. See how you do." Once again, Alex couldn't shake off a vague feeling that something was wrong, but then Sparks turned on the radio and with a blast of music from some Australian band he had never heard of, they set off. It was going to be a beautiful evening. There were a few streaks of red in the sky but no clouds, and the sun--close to the horizon--was throwing long, stretched-out shadows across the ground. Scooter was slumped in his seat with one foot resting on the dashboard. X-Ray had his hand up, the wind streaming through his fingers. By the time they had passed through the barrier and hit the main road, Alex had relaxed. He only had one evening in Aus- tralia. He might as well enjoy it. They followed the coast for about ten miles, then turned inland. Why had they come so far? Alex couldn't shake off a sense of unease. After all, the compound at...

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25 Dec 2010 16:15:51

awesome book.


05 Dec 2010 16:21:20

it was so good! kept me reading till midight!


26 Nov 2010 02:39:55

A great Alex Rider book, but not the best. Has lots of interesting information, and has exciting, action packed scenes, but some parts get boring. The book's introduction was my favourite from the series though.


19 Oct 2010 02:32:32

Best book I've read so far. 2 thumbs up! Exciting and action-packed. There should be more books like that, some parts where you will never know what comes next. It is always a mystery what Alex Rider will encounter.


24 Sep 2010 13:50:04

Brill book. Not the best in the series but still great. This must be the most mature and the darkest entry to the series though so don't expect the usual humour. Kind of like the recent James Bonds. Less humour, more action.

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