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by Cate Tiernan

Author: Cate Tiernan

Books » Fantasy fiction

Language: English

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It’s a time of joy for Hunter as he is reunited with his father, who vanished mysteriously years before. Only Morgan senses that something is wrong, that Hunter’s father is hiding a dark secret that could threaten them all.

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...een an antique, hung with mosquito netting. Everything in that room had been beautiful, luxurious, interesting, seductive. Feeling bleak, I rested my face on my outstretched arm, wondering if I had just buggered things up in a really huge way. “Morgan, please,” I said. When I raised my head, she was examining me calmly, and I damned her ability to rein in her strongest emotions. I covered her hand with one of mine, and she didn’t flinch. “Please don’t be angry with me or hurt. Please don’t leave like this. Please let’s have tonight be a good thing for both of us. I don’t want this to be the moment we both look back on while I’m gone.” My words seemed to reach her, and I felt the sharp edges of her anger soften. A tiny bit. Then her face crumpled, and she said,...

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Of course, I knew he was occasionally going to drive me stark raving mad—but I would deal with that in time.


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“You know what? I seem like a complete bastard because I know your true name.”


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That’s the danger of true names,” I said. “That’s the kind of control you have over everything and everyone on your list. Is that good? Are you glad I know your true name? Does it seem neutral, like pure knowledge? Or does it seem a little. . dark?” “ You seem like a complete bastard,”


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If I did, I would have let power corrupt me. But I was willing to scare her, scare her badly. In my career as a Seeker, I had done much worse.


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A strangled sound came from her throat, and I knew if she were free, she’d be trying to strangle me.

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