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by L. J. Smith

Author: L. J. Smith

Science Fiction & Fantasy » Fantasy

Language: English

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White and black magic. It isn’t so unusual. Thea has got only one weapon-white magic to bewitch Eric herself as a bluff. But she become to close with him, and Night World laws were broken only for love…But nobody will alloy to broke the rules.

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ISBN: 1416989404
9 of 10 Votes: 39

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...arms were around her lightly, almost reverently. As if he were afraid she'd break if he held her too hard. "What can't you believe?" "Well . . ." He shook his head. "Everything, I guess. That I'm here with you. And that it all feels so easy. And that you always smell so good." Thea laughed in spite of herself. "I didn't use any yemonja this time-" she began, and then she almost bit her tongue. Adrenaline washed over her in a wave of painful tingles. Was she crazy? She was blurting out spell ingredients, for Earth's sake. He was too easy to talk to, that was the problem. Every so often she'd forget he wasn't a witch. "You okay?" he said as her silence stretched on. His voice was concerned. No, I am not okay. I've got Blaise on one side and the laws of the Night World on the other, and they're both out to get me. And I don't even know if you're worth it. ... "Can I ask you something?" she said abruptly. "Why did you knock me out of the way of that snake?" "Huh? It was in a...




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