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One Hundred Years of Solitude

by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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Language: English

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The best work of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a Colombian novelist, short-story writer, screenwriter and journalist, the novel is translated into many languages. This captivating story of four family generations is considered to be a book of human life and an encyclopedia of human love. “One Hundred Years of Solitude” follows the history of the Buendia family: origin, bloom, decline and disappearance. It is a story of loneliness, which one way or another presented in the life of every Buendia. Solitude, disconnection of the members of family, their inability to understand each other get a mythological streak in the novel, as well as the whole history of the family turns out to be somewhat ancestral myth. This “magical realism” of the pro... Read more

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ISBN: 0060883286
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...Ternera predicted:"You will not be happy as long as your parents remain unburied."Rebeca shuddered. As in the memory of a dream she saw herself entering the house as avery small girl, with the trunk and the little rocker, and a bag whose contents she hadnever known. She remembered a bald gentleman dressed in linen and with his collarclosed by a gold button, who had nothing to do with the king of hearts. She remembereda very young and beautiful woman with warm and perfumed hands, who had nothing incommon with the jack of diamonds and his rheumatic hands, and who used to put flowersin her hair and take her out walking in the afternoon through a town with green streets."I don't understand," she said.Pilar Ternera seemed disconcerted:"I don't either, but that's what the cards say."Rebeca was so preoccupied with the enigma that she told it to Jos...

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29 Dec 2010 01:19:46

ILove this book but `i want it in recycled paper next time please


18 Oct 2010 05:02:16

i have always wanted to read it...thanks!


01 Aug 2010 14:05:29

nice book.....


30 Jul 2010 22:05:46

I initially had to read this book in college and have reread it several times since. Now, be warned: this is not a clear-cut story; the prose can be confusing, and the repetition of names makes it more difficult by far to keep track of who is who. The story does indeed cover one-hundred years, so expect to see favorite characters die if they first appear early on. There is no one protagonist in this story. Rather, the family is the protagonist; the family, and the town. Perhaps despite these potential confusions and perhaps because of them, the author has woven in this book a shroud of mysteriousness and magical realism that make reading it something like stepping into a dream; his Macondo is like nowhere else on Earth (or at least nowhere I have ever heard of), and things at once comic, tragic, and unreal can happen there. You will find dreamers and would-be scientists, layabouts and soldiers, matriarchs and wantons in this enchanted household. Enchantment of a murky sort hovers over the land like a haze, touching everything and separating the descendants of Jose Arcadio from the world as we know it. You may not want to read it in one sitting; you may find yourself putting it down for awhile, confused or exasperated by the latest turn of events, but it is quite likely that you will pick it up again in due course with curiosity drawing you back into the realm Marquez has created. As classics go, this is one worthy of the title, and it is a story to be savored.

26 May 2010 10:26:30

wonderfull thank you

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