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New Irish Comedies

by Gregory Lady

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Author: Gregory Lady

Nonfiction » Politics » General

Language: English

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The Bogie Men; The Full Moon; Coats Darmer's Gold; McDonough's Wife

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...I myself has got the venominto my blood. _Hyacinth Halvey:_ What makes you think that?_Bartley Fallon:_ It's a sort of a thing would be apt to happen me, and any malice to fall within the town at all. _Mrs. Broderick:_ Give heed to him, Hyacinth Halvey; you are themost man we have to baffle any wrong thing coming in our midst!_Hyacinth Halvey:_ Is it that you are feeling any pain as of awound or a sore?_Bartley Fallon:_ Some sort of a little catch I'm thinking thereis in under my knee. I would feel no pain unless I would turn itcontrary. _Hyacinth Halvey:_ What class of feeling would you say you arefeeling?_Bartley Fallon:_ I am feeling as if the five fingers of my handto be lessening from me, the same as five farthing dips the heat ofthe sun would be sweating the tallow from. _Hyacinth Halvey:_ That is a strange account. _Bartley Fallon:_ And a sort of a megrim in my head, the same as asheep would get a fit of staggers in a field. _Hyacinth Halvey:_ That is what I would look for. Is...



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