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Master Olof : a Drama in Five Acts

by Strindberg August

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ISBN: 1176806823
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...You go too far, Gert. Gert. The day shall come when they will call me papist. Aim at the sky, and you will hit the forest line ahead of you. Olof. Turn back, Gert! You'll bring disaster on yourself and on therealm. Can't you see how the country is still shivering with thewound-fever caused by the last war? And you wish to sow the seeds ofcivil war. It is a godless deed!Gert. No, the knife is in the flesh now. Cut away, and the body may besaved. Olof. I'll denounce you as a traitor to your country. Gert. You had better not, seeing that to-day you have offended theChurch beyond repair. Besides--Olof. Speak out, Gert. Just now you look like Satan himself!Gert. You shall have my secret: deal with it to suit yourself. TheKing leaves for Malmö to-day, and the day after to-morrow, perchance, Stockholm may be in open revolt. Olof. What are you talking about?Gert. Do you know Rink and Knipperdollink?Olof (alarmed). The Anabaptists!Gert. Yes. What's so startling in that? They are nothing but a...



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