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Lover Unleashed

by J.R. Ward

Author: J.R. Ward

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Language: English

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Payne, twin sister of Vishous, is cut from the same dark, seductive cloth as her brother. Imprisoned for eons by their mother, the Scribe Virgin, she finally frees herself-only to face a devastating injury. Manuel Manello, M.D., is drafted by the Brotherhood to save her as only he can-but when the human surgeon and the vampire warrior meet, their two worlds collide in the face of their undeniable passion. With so much working against them, can love prove stronger than the birthright and the biology that separates them

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ISBN: 0451235118
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...e was off rotation, and he was going to take her to the mansion and show her there was something other than that white cage of a recovery room to live for. She wasn...

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“What you doing out here, girlie?” the bigger of the two asked. “All alone.” I’m about to cut your throat open with what I have behind my back. After which I shall break both of your legs, not because I have to, but because I shall enjoy the sound. And then I will locate something steel with which to pierce your empty chest cavity and send you back to your maker. Or mayhap I’ll leave you to writhe on the ground.


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“I suck at this shit,” the surgeon muttered with disgust. “I’m better with my hands.” “Me, too.” “Go to the start menu.” “I’m going, going.…” 329 “Shit,” they said together as they got a load of all the files or programs or whatever it was. Naturally, there was nothing named “Security,” “Cameras,” or “Click here, dummy, to find what you two losers are looking for.”


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“So now what,” the surgeon asked. Butch shook himself back into focus and put his palm on the mouse. “We pray I pull the security files out of my ass. That’s what.” “And you were bitching about my towel.” Butch cracked a smile. “Smart-ass.”


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“Do I need to reenact it in charades or some shit?” “I’ll pass on that—I so don’t need you on your knees in front of me with only a towel on.” “Which makes two of us.” “Wait, are you serious?” “Yeah. I’m really not interested in blowing you, either.” There was a pause. And then the bastard barked out a laugh.


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When Vishous pushed open the door to the exam room, he got a gander at the kind of seating arrangement that made him think fondly of castration. Which, considering his own experience with the knife-on-the-’nads routine, was saying a lot. Then again, his sister was all but straddling that ass-wipe human’s Mr. Happy, the man’s arms around her, their heads all nestled in.

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