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Love in the Time of Cholera

by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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Language: English

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Gabriel Garcia Marquez is famous at the first place for his novel One Hundred Years of Solitude for which he received the Nobel Prize. However, this book Love in the Time of Cholera is not less interesting and fascinating. Here strong love and unrestrained passion are interlaced. In this fictional world we see the fates of three people who are to be together for more than fifty years creating a peculiar love triangle that consists of Florentino Ariza who loves boundlessly charming Fermina Daza. Although many years ago the woman preferred another man, Dr. Juvenal Urbin, Ariza cannot do anything with his love. The story is very bright and creative, full of hopes and romance.

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ISBN: 0140119906
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...good condition as the sunken vessels. He said that there were severalcaravelles with their sails still intact, and that the sunken ships were visible even on thebottom, for it seemed as if they had sunk along with their own space and time, so thatthey were still illumined by the same eleven o'clock sun that was shining on Saturday,June 9, when they went down. Choking on the driving force of his imagination, he saidthat the easiest one to distinguish was the galleon San José, for its name could be seen onthe poop in gold letters, but it was also the ship most damaged by English artillery. Hesaid he had seen an octopus inside, more than three centuries old, whose tentaclesemerged through the openings in the cannon and who had grown to such a size in thedining room that one would have to destroy the ship to free him. He said he had seen thebody of the commander, dressed for battle and floating sideways inside the aquarium ofthe forecastle, and that if he had not dived down to the hold...

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book worm

12 Oct 2010 08:33:58

heard a lot bout dis book.

book worm

12 Oct 2010 08:33:21

lukin forward to read it

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had hurried on an


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had hurried on an


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they had gone to the cinema, each one separately, and had sat apart as they had done at least twice a month since the Italian immigrant, Don Galileo Daconte, had installed his open-air theater in the ruins of a seventeenth-century convent. They saw All Quiet on the Western Front, a film based on a book that had been popular the year before and that Dr. Urbino had read, his heart devastated by the barbarism of war. They met afterward in the laboratory, she found him brooding and nostalgic, and thought it was because of the brutal scenes of wounded men dying in the mud. In an attempt to distract him, she invited him to play chess and he accepted to


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These unexpected, almost childish antics caused an unfamiliar curiosity in Fermina Daza, but for several months it did not occur to her that it could go any further. She never knew when the diversion became a preoccupation and her blood frothed with the need to see him, and one night she awoke in terror because she saw him looking at her from the darkness at the foot of her bed. Then she longed with all her soul for her aunt's predictions to come true, and in her prayers she begged God to give him the courage to hand her the letter just so she could know what it said. But her prayers were not answered. On the contrary. This occurred at the time that Florentino Ariza made his confession to his mother, who dissuaded him from handing Fermina Daza his seventy pages of compliments, so that she continued to wait for the rest of the year.


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he had returned to the childhood his children had taken away from him. And she, in turn, at last accepted the domestic schedule because the years were passing for her too; she slept less and less, and by the time she was seventy she was awake before her husband. On Pentecost Sunday, when he lifted the blanket to look at Jeremiah de Saint-Amour's body, Dr. Urbino experienced the revelation of something that had been denied him until then in his most lucid peregrinations as a physician and a believer. After so many years of familiarity with death, after battling it for so long, after so much turning it inside out and upside down, it was as if he had dared to look death in the face for the first time, and it had looked back at him. It was not the fear of death. No: that fear had been inside him for many years, it had lived with him, it had been another shadow cast over his own shadow ever since the night he awoke, shaken by a bad dream, and realized that death was not

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