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Good Night, Mr Tom

by Michelle Magorian

Author: Michelle Magorian

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Language: English

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This book is focused on the life of Willie Beech who was born in London and was evacuated to the English countryside before World War I. Willie who was an abused child of a single mother, was not used to the life in the countryside and was even a bit terrified of weird nature sounds and animals and other things which are normal for villages. But Mr. Tom, an elderly man who lives nearby, helps Willie in getting used to the new life and make the first steps in his new world. The book is very touching and truly amazing.

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ISBN: 006440174X
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...her friend Grace Bush were playing in front of the house. They ran up to the gate and climbed up onto it. Mrs. Padfield was hanging out washing. "Hello!" she said. "Where are you all off to?""Blackberryin', " said George. Lucy caught sight of Willie. Her eyes slowly expanded. " 'Ullo, " she said shyly to him. Willie shuffled with embarrassment and avoided her large gaze. Stupid girls, he thought angrily to himself. Stupid, stupid girls. "Fred and Harry are doin' a bit this afternoon. They's helpin' their Dad at the moment, seein'as there's no school fer a bit. Best not to go to your patch. Be nothin' left. " Mrs. Padfieldsmiled and carried on with her work. "We'll drop some in for you, " said Carrie, "won't we, Ginnie?"Ginnie nodded. "Have a good day then. "Lucy watched them going down the lane. She would dearly have loved to have joined thembut they were all older. They wouldn't want someone as little as she. She felt a tug at herdress. "Come on, " said Grace impatiently. "I want to...

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20 Feb 2011 05:11:01

I read lots of books before and some books that I read is AMAZING, but only few of those make me cry, and this one did.


22 Dec 2010 07:42:42

no it is not but you can download only after approval.


26 Oct 2010 03:55:50

Is this site a scam/con? Can't download and can't read for free online


26 Oct 2010 03:55:42

Is this site a scam/con? Can't download and can't read for free online


26 Oct 2010 03:55:28

Is this site a scam/con? Can't download and can't read for free online

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ed at angrily for filling the hole with earth. When the trench was completed, Willie sat on the grass to watch the others fix the Andersonshelter inside it. Sammy lay by his feet. The six steel sh


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Good Night, Mr. TomMichelle MagorianMeeting"Yes, " said Tom bluntly, on opening the front door. "What d'you want?"A harassed middle-aged woman in a green coat and felt hat stood on his step. He glanced atthe armband on her sleeve. She gave him an awkward smile. "I'm the Billeting Officer for this area, " she began. "Oh yes, and what's that got to do wi' me?"She flushed slightly. "Well, Mr. , Mr. . . . ""Oakley. Thomas Oakley. ""Ah, thank you, Mr. Oakley. " She paused and took a deep breath. "Mr. Oakley, with thedeclaration of war imminent . . . "Tom waved his hand. "I knows all that. Git to the point. What d'you want?" He noticed


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