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Glass Houses - Morganville Vampires 1

by Rachel Caine

Author: Rachel Caine

Science Fiction & Fantasy » Fantasy

Language: English

Added by: LeRoi Simmons


This is the first book from the Morganville Vampires series written by fantasy and romance author Rachel Caine. Morganville, the town where the book is set, has a bit of a Lost Boys vibe. There are a lot of strange disappearances and nobody dares step out of line or speak up, apart from the rebellious teenage residents of the Glass House. There are vampires and their flunkies everywhere and knowing who you can trust is a real problem.

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ISBN: 0451219945
9 of 10 Votes: 96

Read an excerpt:

...Claire one quick look and a crooked and oddly sweet smile, and bounded up the stairs. He moved like an athlete, but without the swagger she was used to. Kind of hot, actually. Guys, Eve sighed. Damn, itd be good to have another girl in here. Theyre all like, Yeah, whatever, and then when it comes to picking up the place or washing dishes, they turn into ghosts. Not that you have to, like, be a maid or anything, I meanyou just got to yell at em until they do their part or they walk all over you. Claire smiled, or tried to, but her split lip throbbed, and she felt the scab break open again. Blood dribbled down her chin, and she grabbed the napkin Eve had put on the tray and applied pressure to her lip. Eve watched in silence, frowning, and then got up from the floor, picked up the ice pack, and settled it gently against the bump on Claires head. Hows that? she asked. Better. It was. The ice began to numb the ache almost immediately, and the food was setting up a nice warm...




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