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Exit to Eden

by Anne Rice

Author: Anne Rice

Science Fiction & Fantasy » Fantasy

Language: English

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Have you ever dream to be in the place there all yours dreams, even sacrificed, become come true? If you want to visit this place welcome to the club to satisfy all your desires. In the Caribbean sun, the champagne flows and the games of pain and pleasure never stop. Lisa is the perfectionist. Elliot, the client. In their meeting, they discover that Eden is a state of heart and mind where innocence and love can be recaptured.

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ISBN: 0061233498
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...hotel, slipping through the side door, relieved that nothing 'horrible' had happened, that he wasn't insane. Danger was not a spice, only what I had to pay in those days. In the womb of The Club there was never that price ... that was its genius, its contribution, its raison d'...



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