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East of Eden

by John Steinbeck



This sprawling and often brutal novel, set in the rich farmlands of California's Salinas Valley, follows the intertwined destinies of two families - the Trasks and the Hamiltons - whose generations helplessly reenact the fall of Adam and Eve and the poisonous rivalry of Cain and Abel. A strange and original work of art.

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ISBN: 0142000655
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...the night might be a murderer, an unfrocked priest or one who had unfrocked himself, a professor forced from his warm berth by a dull faculty, a lone driven man running from memory, a fallen archangel and a devil in training, and each contributed bits of thought to the fire as each contributed carrots and potatoes and onions and meat to the stew. He learned the technique of shaving with broken glass, of judging a house before knocking to ask for a handout. He learned to avoid or get along with hostile police and to evaluate a woman for her warmth of heart. Adam took pleasure in the new life. When autumn touched the trees he had got as far as Omaha, and without question or reason or thought he hurried west and south, fled through the mountains and arrived with relief in Southern California. He wandered by the sea from the border north as far as San Luis Obispo, and he learned to pilfer the tide pools for abalones and eels and mussels and perch, to dig the sandbars for clams, and to...

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31 Jan 2011 04:15:30

I kinda know and relate to this story I was sexually abused by my cuz and many I kinda felt like when I got older thar he wasent loved and wanted to fell something or touch something and instead of talking to a therapist or geting help he raped me and it went on for years but he has younger brother and 2 younger sisters I hope they r ok and he has a baby know I Have know clue if it was her code of if he made her like he did me..... Rember it is never to late to tell it took me s long time to come out with it but never do that with my etperince it is scary but it will be ok at the end.


12 Dec 2010 03:18:10



08 Dec 2010 20:33:49

Can be very graphic but its a great book


29 Nov 2010 23:41:27

amazing :)

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Well, he was my father and I loved him, but I wish to God he had let ideas alone.


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You know about the ugliness in people. You showed me the pictures. You use all the sad, weak parts of a man, and God knows he has them.


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Cathy said, I can get to be so little you cant even see me. What in the world are you talking about? Nobody can find me.


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Seems like when you half finished a job and cant think what it was. Something didnt get done. I shouldnt be here. I ought to be wandering around the world instead of sitting here on a good farm looking for a wife. There is something wrong, like it didnt get finished, like it happened too soon and left something out. Its me should be where you are and you here.

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