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Cutting For Stone

by Abraham Verghese



Even with its many stories and layers, Cutting for Stone remains clear and concise. Verghese paints a vivid picture of these settings, the practice of medicine (he is also a physician) and the characters' inner conflicts. I felt as though I were with these people, eating dinner with them even, feeling the hot spongy injera on my fingers as they dipped it into a spicy wot.

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ISBN: 0375714367
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...have any interest in that kind of thing, I'd have a chapter on nothing but obstetric odors." The smell was both astringent and saccharine, these two contrary characteristics coming together in what she'd come to think of as fetor terribilis. "It always means a labor room catastrophe. Dead mothers, or dead babies, or homicidal husbands. Or all the above." She couldn't believe the amount of blood on the floor. The sight of instruments lying hel- ter-skelter--on the patient, next to the patient, on the operating table--assaulted her senses. But most of all--and she'd been resisting this--she couldn't accept the fact that Sister Mary Joseph Praise, sweet Sister, who should have been standing, gowned, masked, and scrubbed, a beacon of calm in this calamity, instead lay all but lifeless on the table, her skin porcelain white and her lips drained of all color. Hema's thoughts became dissociated, as if they were no longer hers but instead were el- egant copperplate scrolling before...

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