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Bite Me

by Parker Blue

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Our protagonist Val is sort of like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but the difference is that Val is not really a favorite among anyone; even her own family despises her! Her real father was an incubus demon, which makes her also a part demon and her mother can’t quite forgive her for being that. She has just turned eighteen and her mother and step father have kicked her out of the house and have also forbidden her younger sister Jennifer to associate with her.

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...ind of trouble?” Dan asked in a voice equally as low. "Some of the other vampires are resisting the Movement. They've been attacking people outside the blood banks, especially when Alejandro is there. So, he's had to lay low for awhile." I nodded. That tracked with what had happened to us the last time we were here. "Do you have Alejandro's home address?” Dan asked. Brittany looked shocked at the suggestion. “He doesn't give that out to anyone." "How about his cell phone number?” Dan persisted. “I know he has one." "Maybe, but I don't have it." Looking as exasperated as I felt, Dan asked, “Then how do you get in touch with him if something goes wrong?" "I don't. I contact the manager and he gets in touch with Alejandro." "Okay,” Dan said patiently. ...

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