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by Alex Flinn

Author: Alex Flinn

Comics & Graphic Novels » Graphic Novels

Language: English

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It seems to me that I’m a beast. I don't look like bear or wolf or other kind of animals. I'm monster. And I will be monster, unless the spell is broken. I'm going to tell you my story, the story how actually I became a beast.

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ISBN: 0061963283
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...process." Around me there were some thumbs-ups, some Yeah, mans, particularly from Anna or Hannah. But I noticed that a lot of people, mostly the ugly people, were silent. The girl took a few steps toward me. "They're sheep, following the herd. They vote for the so-called popular people because it's simple. Surface beauty, blond hair, blue eyes"...

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01 Jan 2013 06:47:26

There are adverts in the way saying to download the book. because of these I cant read half the words! :(

12 May 2011 22:29:58

luv it


22 Jan 2011 02:02:26

I like how this was incorporated in the modern world. A nice book.


17 Jan 2011 17:31:19

This is a great book, mainly because it took one of my favorite stories and mixes it with our modern day teen lives!


09 Jan 2011 06:03:54

I was quite surprised by how much I loved this book. I just hope that the movie doesnt ruin the beauty of it


28 Dec 2010 20:24:34

i read this more than 6 times:)

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Suddenly, I very much want to see her in it again. A moment later, she's wearing it, and it is exactly as I remember, the cool green satin contrasting with the warm pink of her skin. "Wow, " I say. "You're beautiful. " She examines herself in the mirror. "You're right. I'm gorgeous. " "And so modest. Now I have to ask you something. " "What's that?" I hold my hand out to her. "May I have this dance?"


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Home. It's still such a bizarre and beautiful word for me, to have a home where I can come and go, a place where people actually like me. When we reach the house, Lindy disappears upstairs. Her room is still on the third floor, and I hear noises from above. I pick up the mirror we always keep in a place of honor in the living room, the repaired mirror that Kendra brought the day the spell was broken. "I want to see Lindy, " I tell it. But as I knew would happen, I see only my own face. The magic is over, but its effects will live forever. There was definitely magic in Lindy and me getting together.


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especially when you're holding hands with the girl you love. I kissed that hand.


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The door opened. I watched as the light hit Will's eyes. "What the" He looked left, then right, his eyes focusing on me like they never had before. "But how who are you?" "It's me, Adrian. And this is Lindy. Can you see us, bud?" "Yes. At least I think I can. But maybe it's all a dream. You led me to believe you were hideous, a monster. " "And you led me to believe you were blind. Things change sometimes. " Now Will was laughing, dancing around the room. "Yes! Things change! I can't believe it. And Lindy? Is this you? Have you come back to Adrian, then?" "Yes. I still don't understand it, completely, but I'm happy. So happy. "


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"I'll go anywhere, " Lindy said, "as long as he goes with me. " The officer rolled his eyes. "Kids in love. Crazy. " He might have muttered something more, but I didn't hear him. We were too busy, kissing.

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