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About a Boy

by Nick Hornby



Will is 36 and doesn't really want children. But then he comes across 12-year-old Marcus and it's pretty clear that Marcus would like a dad. The trouble is, Marcus is weird - a boy who prefers Joni Mitchell to Nirvana. He also knows something about Will that he can definitely use.

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ISBN: 1573229571
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...say. He didn't understand why she did it, and because he didn't understand he couldn't help, and because he couldn't help, he just ended up standing there and staring at her with his mouth open, and she'd just carry on as if nothing was happening. 'Do you want some tea?' He had to guess at what she was saying, because she was so snuffled up. 'Yeah. Please.' He took a clean bowl from the draining board and went to the larder to choose his cereal. That cheered him up. He'd forgotten that she'd let him put a variety pack in the supermarket trolley on Saturday morning. He went through all the usual agonies of indecision: he knew he should get through the boring stuff, the cornflakes and the one with fruit in it, first of all, because if he didn't eat them now he'd never eat them, and they'd just sit on the shelf until they got stale, and Mum would get cross with him, and for the next few months he'd have to stick to an economy-sized packet of something horrible. He understood all that,...


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