plane and solid geometry

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1. Space has extension in all directions, and so far as our experience can teach us it is limitless.2. A material or physical body occupies a definite portion of space, and this space freed from the body is called a geometrical solid, which for brevity will be known as a Solid.3. The limits, or boundaries, of a solid are Surfaces. The limits, or boundaries, of a surface are Lines. The intersection of two lines is a Point.4. It is said a solid has three dimensions: Length, Breadth, and Tliickness.A surface has only two dimensions: length and breadth.A line has only one dimension: length.A point is without dimension, having simply position.5. In drawings and diagrams material figures are employed for purposes of demonstration, but they are merely the representatives of mathematical figures.6. A Straight Line, or Right Line, is the shortest line between two points ; as AB A-------B7. A Broken Line is a line composed of different successive straight g ®lines; as Table of Contents Preliminary Definitions 1; Postulates 3; Axioms 3; Abbreviations 4; PLANK GEOMETRY; BOOK T Recti live ah Figures; Definitions and General Principles 5; Parallel Lines 17; Triangles --; Quadrilaterals 33; Polygons 40; BOOK II The Cjkcle; Definitions 46; On Measurement 5(5; Method of Limits 57; Measurement of Angles 50; Problems in Construction 65; BOOK III Ratio and Pnoroimox Similar Figures; Definitions 78; Proportional Lines SI; Similar Polygons S7; Definitions 100; Problems in Construction 118; BOOK V Rkguj
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