aristotle and ancient educational ideals

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CHAPTER ICHARACTER AND IDEAL OF GREEK EDUCATION Nothing in excess ! - Solo.v.No citizen has a right to consider himself as belonging to himself; but all ought to regard themselves as belonging to the State, inasmuch as each is a part of the State; and care for the part naturally looks to care for the whole. - Aristotle.Greek life, in all its manifestations, was dominated by a single idea, and that an a3Sthetic one. This idea, which worked sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously, was PuorORiiox. The Greek term for this (Logos) not only came to designate the incarnate Word of Religion, but has also supplied many modern languages with a name for the Science of Manifested lleason - Logic. To the Greek, indeed, Reason always meant ratio, proportion; and a rational life meant to him a life of which all the parts, internal and external, stood to each other in just proportion. Such proportion was threefold; Jirst, between the different parts of the individual human being; second, Table of Contents BOOK I; INTRODUCTORY CHAPTER I; page; Character and Ideal of Greek Education 3; CHAPTER II; Branches of Greek Education 6; CHAPTER III Conditions of Education9; CHAPTER IV Subjects of Education12; CHAPTER V; Education as Influenced by Timk, Place, and Circumstances 15; CHAPTER VI; paoe; Erocm in Greek Education20; BOOK II,; THE HELLENIC PERIOD (BC 776-338) Part I; THE "OLD EDUCATION" (cc 77G-480) CIIAFTER I; Education for "Work and Leisure33; CHAPTER II; TEoi-ian or Tdeban Education38; CHAPTER III Dorian or Spartan Education41; CHAFi'ER IV Pytuagoras62; CHAPTER V; Ionian or Athenian Education GO (1) Family Education64; PACE; (2) School Education 67; (a) Mosical (and* Literary) Education 72; (/?) Gymnastics, or Bodily Training 77; (7) "Dancino 82; (3) College Education 85; (4) University Education 90; Part II; THE "NEW EDUCATION" (bc 480-338) CHAPTER I; Individualism and Philosophy 93; C
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