a syllabus of the history of education

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Purchase of this book includes free trial access to www.million-books.com where you can read more than a million books for free. This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: GREEK EDUCATION The Greeks, the earliest European representatives of the" Aryan race," exhibit the following characteristics: first, their view of life was optimistic; second, they assumed a fundamental harmony between man and nature; third, they developed moral and religious notions on the basis of reason ; fourth, individual development in harmony with social obligations was emphasized; fifth, they manifested an unusual sense of beauty; sixth, they encouraged progress. fl. Introductory Points. 1. Geography: mountains; long, broken coast line. 2. Branches of the race: Eolians (represented by the Thebans); Dorians (represented by the Spartans); lonians (represented by the Athenians). 3. Government: the " city-state" (cities with small adjacent territory). 4. Civic virtues of the Greeks: wisdom (sophia) ; moderation (sophrosyne); grace (eukos- mia). 5. Religion. Laurie, 202-208. . ,11. Primitive Education. 1. The Homeric age (1000-800 B.c.). Laurie, 197-199. A. Practical experience informally transmitted. B. Content of education. Monroe, 62-67 (Brief Course, 31-33). a. Eloquence. Iliad, IX, 438 (Leaf, Lang, and Myers' tr., 174). b. Valor in battle. c. Skill in games. Iliad, XXIII, 260 ff. (Leaf, Lang, and Myers' tr., 458 f.). III. Old Greek Education (776-480 B.c.). 1. The Spartan system. Kemp, 57-62 ; Painter, 41-46 (old edition, 40-45); Williams, 95-106; Seeley, 68-73; Davidson, 41- 51; Laurie, 228-248; Monroe, 70-79 (Brief Course, 34-40). A. The Spartan ideal as determined by social conditions. a. Situation of Sparta. Laurie, 228. b. The three classes: Spartans; Perioeci; Helots. c. Laws of Lycurgus. Seeley, 72-73. B. The Spartan educational system. a. Infancy: 1-7. Laurie, 229. b. Childhood: ...
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