The Holladay Case

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Purchase of this book includes free trial access to where you can read more than a million books for free. This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: jovial fellows that it was quite impossible to feel angry with them—and besides, I knew that they were gentlemen, that they labored early and late at meager salaries, for the pure love of the work; that they were quick to scent fraud or trickery or unworthi- ness, and inexorable in exposing them; that they loved to do good anonymously, remaining utterly unknown save to the appreciative few behind the scenes. So I returned their greeting smilingly, and sat me down in a chair which one of them obligingly vacated for me. " Well ? " I began, looking about at them. " My dear Mr. Lester," said the one who had given me the chair, " permit me to introduce myself as Rankin, of the Planet. These gentlemen," and he included them in a wide gesture, " are my colleagues of the press. We've been anxiously awaiting you here in order that we may propound to you certain questions." " All right; fire away," I said. " First, we'd like to have your theory of the crime. Your work this afternoon convinced us that you know how to put two and two together, which is more than can be said for the ordinary mortal. The public will want to know your theory—the great public." " Oh, but I haven't any theory," I protested. " Besides, I don't think the great public is especially interested in me. You see, gentlemen, I'm quite out of the case. When we cleared Miss Holladay, our connection with it ended." " But is Miss Holladay cleared ? " he persisted. " Is it not quite conceivable that in those two hours she was absent from her carriage, she may have changed her gown, gone to her father's office, and then changed back again? In that case, would she not naturally have chosen a green gown, since she never wore green ? " " Oh, nonsense! " I cried. " That's puerile. Either she would disguise herse...
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