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[The whole zine (as one .pdf) is the second last pdf link on the left (it's 19mb). Download that, and you've got everything in Issue One. Or, if you'd prefer, use the HTTP link to see each article by name, or hover over each pdf link or something. Work it out yourself]
Download a .zip version of the whole issue, here, or a .rar version here. The .rar is a teeny, tiny bit smaller.
Find the first disc of the Sordid Zine Issue 1 compilation here, and the second disc here. At the time of writing, there is still some stuff to be updated and what-not, but the audio and art is all there.
Spread the word please! We only want people to read and listen. This is all about us writing a bunch of crap, and promoting the various artists, writers, noise makers etc, that are mentioned and included. Please feel free to contact us if you want to be included, or want to suggest someone to be included.

[Also, we should probably say that Sordid Zine is intended for thoughtful, mature age types, or people that swear a lot, because sometimes... well, if in doubt, don't read us, but be sure to tell your filthy (not that we are that filthy, we are just passionate) friends to read us. And all the people that can't sleep.]

Welcome to Issue 1 of ...Sordid Zine... as we write this, the whole thing is finished and you can either download the whole Issue, and print it out, like it's a normal pape zine, or read it on your computer, or whatever. We wrote it for you, so you decide what to do with it.

No content should be seen as being representative of the over all content of this zine, even this whole Issue. We suggest that you wait until we get to Issue 10 or 20, read them all (carefully), read all our blogs and the crap we post on the internet, maybe contact us and actually talk to us, and then, and only then, do we suggest that you've got enough to either judge us, or this zine. But, if you do judge us, be sure to email us your judgements, as we'd love to print them!! You know the saying "Don't judge a book by it's cover"? Well, here we are, cover and all (by Mookie for this Issue, thanks again Mookie!!)so, still we say back off, or write something, ok.

We originally said that this issue would be complete once we start posting content for issue 2, and at that time, all the articles, features and stuff in issue 1 will be put together as one zine, in one .pdf file. Well, that's all done, so now you wait for stuff for Issue 2 to start to surface (and it will). We still need suggest other files you want people, and for other methods of distribution (for now, this seems to make sense to us), use the review/comment function below, or email us, or message us on our myspace page. If you don't say, we don't know (because we don't care, simple as that).

For now, we hope you enjoy what is on offer.

Remember, it's meant to amuse and inform. If it does neither for you...
let us know at (without the +++ on either end)

[email protected]+++

or visit us at...



Find here, a special guest editorial,an interview with UK writer Jonny Nexus, a rant about seeing unknown bands and reunion tours, one of our regular features "Sucking The Sound", a piece about Baconade, an interview with black metal band The DeathTrip, something about garlic, a Sunn0))) review, stuff about James Cameron and Titanic, ideas for movies (Aliens Vs Jedi, and a bunch of Arnold Schwarzenegger comedies), an interview with illustrator/writer/cartoonist Mark Martin, A Vague Guide on Text Moshing, two pieces illustrating the wonders of the internet, A Rant About Heath Ledger and the Oscars, How To Read Pamphlets (a rant), What is Wrong the World Today? - a rant based on aspects of a pamphlet, Fun With Email, Hal McGee tells us of his Noise Agenda, an investigative feature on preventing car crime, a rant about coffee drinkers, an interview with UK band The Cathode Ray Syndrome*, an Interview with US comic chap Ivan Brunetti, various other rants and crap, and an interview with Australian musician Matt Vaughn... and probably things we've forgotten.

Enjoy or contribute something that you would enjoy. And stay Sordid, like us!
Issue 2 is being posted here: http://www.archive.org/details/sordid_zine-issue2

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