Angelic Wisdom about Divine Providence

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Angelic Wisdom about Divine Providence appeared in 1764 aiming at description of the role of God in humans' lives and creation. The author researches the laws that are accepted in our society and taken by as for granted raising the problem of freedom and personal choice. The main idea of the book is that God being a creator and of governor of all humans gives them a broad freedom and allows them to live as they wish. At the first sight it seems that He does not in fact governs but if we look closer we see that his governance is almost invisible but it only makes it more powerful and wise. The author claims that God created such a system in which humans can feel their freedom in making decisions and they are free in fact. Humans can realize the existence of God or not but He definitely exists. On the basis of this good or bad things happen to people. God is depicted as kind; evil things occur because of freedom satiety. Another part of the book deals with describing the means that God employs to defend good people from bad things. Swedenborg argues that God is planning to create a good future for the human race. He does everything for it, though very slowly so that no human can notice it. Knowledge is the most important factor in this process and it leads our life. The author recognizes the existence of the absolute knowledge called the Word of God whcih influences human actions and ways how they think or act. Such complicated system aims at bringing happiness into human life in this world and after death.
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